Mike Hogan talks to Stu Lang


This week, radio sports talk guy and OUA columnist, Mike Hogan caught up with Gryphon head coach Stu Lang. He relates some of their conversation in his weekly IN THE HUDDLE column. Here is an excerpt:

The Guelph Gryphons and Western Mustangs went toe to toe in one of the best heavyweight fights the conference has seen in quite some time. Points were hardly at a premium with a total of 95 of them being scored. There were five lead changes, 940 total yards combined and a game-winning field goal with just two seconds left on the clock.

‘In The Huddle’ caught up with Guelph head coach Stu Lang and asked him to use one word to describe the win. Not an easy assignment. One might think ‘exhilarating’, ’emotional’ or ‘fantastic’ might come to mind. So many words to choose from, but which word did Lang use?


Excuse me? All of the potential ways to describe the Gryphons miraculous 49-46 victory on the weekend and the coach uses the word ‘maturity?’ Do tell coach, why would you use that one?

“There is a life progression of a football team,” Lang told OUA.ca. “We’ve learned how to win, we’ve learned how to be resilient.”

Not the over-the-moon enthusiasm that one might expect, but that’s Coach Lang in a nutshell. He’s always able to appreciate the victories, but continuously has the big picture in mind. That doesn’t mean he’s not thrilled with the Gryphons stunning come-from-behind win and the play of his quarterback.

 *     *     *

Of course, that wasn’t Lang’s only interview of the past week. The one below is easily my favourite.

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One Response to Mike Hogan talks to Stu Lang

  1. Gayle and John McCaig says:

    Mike Hogan always does a superb job promoting CIS football – and yes, the Taylor interview with Coach Lang had to be one of the best ever. Coach Lang is the personification of the perfect gentleman, and we Gryphon fans are just so fortunate to have him. Thanks for this (and all the rest you do as well), Brad!

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