Game 5 preview: Windsor Lancers

Quarter-final game vs Windsor was played in less than ideal conditions

Quarter-final game vs Windsor was played in less than ideal conditions

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Saturday’s matchup in Windsor is a game of real significance. As you will see from the standings below Windsor is one of three teams above Guelph. Windsor’s 4-0 record includes a 1-0 victory over Queen’s via forfeit. [The Golden Gaels actually won 39-30 in the season opener but used an ineligible player.] This is a must-win game that the Gryphons are favoured in. A loss would shock me and be a huge setback for the program.

G W-L Streak PF PA
McMaster 5 5-0 Won 5 214 65
Western 4 4-0 Won 4 236 30
Windsor 4 4-0 Won 4 138 41
Guelph 4 3-1 Won 3 185 59
Laurier 4 3-1 Won 2 184 59

Besides the Queen’s “win”, the Lancers have beaten Laurier 39-34, Waterloo 63-4 and York 35-3. The win over WLU is the most important one for the Lancers playoff aspirations. I expect the Lancers have a good chance to host a semi-final game.

My Thoughts: Last October in my preview of the Q-final rematch I wrote:

The Windsor D-Line was substantially better than they had been the previous year. In fact, the overall Lancer defense under new DC Donnovan Carter had improved. Our O-Line certainly had its struggles but has improved substantially since that game.

In that rematch the Gryphon offense was much better than in the first game but I still see this week’s game as a battle along the line of scrimmage. I really think with what we saw from our O-Line, and the offense in general, the past two games against Ottawa and Queen’s that we can handle the Windsor D. On the other side of the ball I really don’t think Windsor has the offensive line capable of neutralizing our defensive front 7. I expect Guelph to be able to run the ball and stop the run. But even when Windsor becomes one dimensional they are dangerous. QB Austin Kennedy has passed for serious yardage against the Gryphons even when we’ve won. I really hope, and expect that this game won’t be close because you can never be certain that Kennedy won’t strike quickly for a score.

In my opinion Guelph has a significant advantage in terms of overall talent. I’m looking for the Gryphons to win in similar fashion as they did on their last trip to Windsor, a 28-9 in 2012, but likely a little higher scoring. As with any prediction I could be wrong. I’m counting on the Gryphons playing at a level consistent with, or close to, what they have since the second half of the UofT game. I hope they don’t disappoint me.

Recent History: Guelph is 6-1 against Windsor since 2007. The lone loss was in 2011, a 2-6 season. Only last year were any of the games particularly close. I’m not sure how it works out this way but the Gryphons are visiting the Lancers for the third time in the last four regular season meetings. Read 2013 game stories from and the Guelph Mercury via links below.

2013 – 31-21 Guelph [Q-Final playoff game] Gryphons get another shot at Queen’s
2013 – 24-23 Guelph  Gryphons defeat Lancers by a field goal in final seconds
2012 – 28-9 Guelph
2011 – 41-21 Windsor
2010 – 41-14 Guelph
2009 – did not play
2008 – 34-8 Guelph
2007 – 36-10 Guelph

Broadcast Options:
Webcast –
Radio – Windsor usually has a local radio station broadcast available on-line [I’ll add the link if/when I can find it]

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Highlights of last year’s 24-23 win:

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