Live blog: Guelph vs Montreal Carabins

Sunday, August 24

CEPSUM Stadium, on the campus of the Université de Montréal

Tailgate starts @ 2 pm
Kickoff @ 4 pm


It looks like this may work. Check back later for updates from Montreal.
Feel free to ask a question or make a statement in the comments section.


Lots of Guelph parents and fans having fun at the tailgate. Montreal Alouettes / Guelph alumni Jake Piotrowski and Jeff Finley are here. Lots of excitement here for an exhibition game. Carabins fans are very friendly.  Especially helpful … Tamylia who hooked me up avec UdeM WiFi. Tickets for the game mostly $19 & 25.

Team buses just arrived @ 1:35.

I’ve been on the field. It’s very hot out there.

Danny Maciocia said on local radio they will “show no mercy” to Guelph. All his starters will play.

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20 Responses to Live blog: Guelph vs Montreal Carabins

  1. WordPress is really struggling to get my updates through. Kick off one minute away

    • Western says:

      As a Western fan I’m looking forward to hearing how this game goes. Not that you can tell a lot based on exhibition, but it will provide a bit of a yardstick to see how the top of the OUA matches up.

  2. This is a great atmosphere. Way better than a scrimmage. UdeM gambles on 3rd n a foot. Picks up first. Then another. 3rd down they come up short on fake punt. Hutchison with tackle.

  3. Guelph picks up three first downs. Four. Ball on 13

  4. Ed Nieuwesteeg says:

    Hi Peter: Is there a big crowd for the game and is there any way the game is streamed on the internet?

  5. After a sack Booth hit n can’t hang on for a big gainer. Punting from end zone Guelph concedes two. 2-1 Montreal

  6. D forces QB scramble and fumble. James Roberts in at Qb marches Guelph 35 yards in four plays. 3 for 3. TD Guelph. Miss two point convert. Seven to two for Guelph after one Q.

  7. Mike Carney says:

    How is the DB corps looking so far?

  8. Guelph forces two n out. Then goes two n out but pins Carabins deep on six years line. Potential Td stopped by holding on receiver. Gain 25 yds. Guelph sack forces punt. Another nice return by -Nieuwesteeg.

  9. Westcoastfan says:

    Great job PG who score the TD ?.

  10. My phone is crapping out. Two or posts lost. Montreal scored on back to back drives. Now 16-7. Looked like we forced them to two n out but halfday called for a cheap penalty. Montreal punting at Guelph 40.

  11. Very good half for Guelph. Blewett and Roberts shared QB duties. Cousineau played all the way for UdeM. Our d-line did a pretty good job considering no returning starters are here. O-Line has done well pass blocking but needed to do more with the run. But like Sylvain the UdeM blogger said “not even Laval can run inside” against them. C ousineau is definitely a better passer than the avg. OUA QB. DBa have been good other than a few plays mostly against youngsters.

  12. Job Reinhardt starts second half at QB. Brendan Gordon at tailback. One first down then big punt from D Ferraro. Great tackle by parrisotto.

  13. Another post lost. Reinhardt at qb to start 2nd half. Second drive they gamble on 3rd & 3rd. Receiver doesn’t hold on to five. Yard pass. Driv e setup by 35 yard punt return by Spagnuolo.

  14. Guelph has all freshmen and RS freshmen DBs in game for second half. Mon real #2 is looking pretty good.

  15. A beauty punt by d Ferraro fielded four feet from sideline … lose five on return. Quick two n out. Guelph ball on 45 … there first series of fourth-quarter. Blewett back in … D Salmon taken down for loss … big punt miffed by Montreal. .. Guelph ball on UdeM 25 .. After a sack Gabriel Ferraro hits a 45 yd fg

  16. 23-10 becomes 30-10 after Hugo Henderson leads Carabins on long drive. Huge reception by booth and husty then roughing penalty h as ‘ve Guelph on one yard.third n one. Guelph two inches short. Montreal ball.

  17. Another big J Roberts pass puts Guelph back at the goal. Fumble at the two. Three plays later 90 yard TD for Montreal. One min Ute left.

  18. DeuxFans says:

    Every game/ scrimmage I’ve seen between RSEQ and ROC is completely unbalanced at the end of the 3rd quarter. Our rookies are CEGEP guys (2 years older than your HS) that have already been recruited by a CEGEP coach from High school and trained for 3 years in a higher competitive level than your High School.

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