News from 2014 FoGF Golf Tourney

2014 Golf Tourney

♦ I didn’t make it up to the Guelph Lakes Golf Club until 4:30 in the afternoon as things on the course were winding down. But I did enjoy the next 3 hours, including the Awards dinner. The foursome of Grant MacDonald, Nick FitzGibbon, Dillon Dimitroff and Kevin MacNeill recorded the low score. Jeff Volpe [up from California with son Marcus] placed his drive “closest to the keg”. Frank Montelpare hammered his drive “closest to the helmet” (i.e. longest drive). Stuart Lang held his own on the “beat the coach” hole. He smacked a hole-in-one on the 10th when he was warming up.

♦ Back in 1999 Sleeman Breweries sponsored a Hole-in-One competition at the Friends of Gryphon Football tourney. It was won by Rick Kohler. Several weeks back I wrote about Kohler’s battle with abdominal cancer. Yesterday, Kohler came out for the luncheon and had a chance to reminisce with former teammates and coaches including Matt Vine, John O’Brien, Jeff Volpe, Brian Cluff, Tom Newbiggings, Scott Campbell, Dan Welton and Rudy Florio.

Kevin MacNeill had to leave before the tournament was over and I didn’t have a chance to talk with him. I thought about starting a rumour that he left early to drive to Montreal to pick up Jeff Finley but I thought too many hopeful Gryphon fans would have only been too glad to believe me. I can tell you one thing, I doubt MacNeill will ever receive his prize for being part of the winning foursome. I saw Mike Millar wearing it out the door. Dillon Dimitroff, a very sure-handed receiver who always secured the ball, didn’t live up to his reputation. Millar stripped him of the prize with a move that looked more like taking candy from a baby than a football move.

♦ Speaking of Jeff Finley the “will he/won’t he” return saga may be over. From the CFL transaction wire:

August 13 Roster
MTL ADD NIP Jeffery FINLEY (DL)  Guelph

The Alouettes roster for today’s game with the Saskatchewan Roughriders:

49 Finley, Jeffrey DL National 6.3 260 1991-11-19 Guelph Gryphons

♦ If Finley takes the field today the only friendly face he may see in Rider green is Jarryd Baines. Baines has been on the Rider’s sideline for each of their games this year. After interning in the CFL’s operations department last year Baines joined the Riders in an assistant operational role for their training camp. As you would expect, Baines impressed enough to be offered a 3-month contract on the Riders support staff.

Peter Partridge

Peter Partridge

♦ One big announcement made during the dinner was the donation of $50,000 by Peter & Poppy Partridge to the Gryphon Football Scholarship Endownment Fund. As Coach Lang announced at the Gala Dinner the gift will be matched by $50,000 from the football program. That means the Endowment Fund is $100,000 closer to the goal of being fully sustainable thanks to the Partridge’s donation. The goal is to raise $1 million dollars in the next two years which would be matched dollar-for-dollar by the program. For those who don’t know Peter, he played for the Gryphons from 1993 to 1997. He was the starting fullback on the 1996 Yates Cup team.

♦ Coach Lang introduced new QB Coach Marcello Campanero and DB Coach Devin Kavanagh to those who hadn’t already met them. Campanero is the HC at M.M. Robinson and previously coached at McMaster. Kavanagh completed an outstanding career at UBC in 2011. His Thunderbird highlights are here.

♦ Alumnus and Peel Region recruiter Steve O’Brien did a great job of running the event with assistance from his wife Melissa Veri and Bill Brown. One of perhaps eight player volunteers assisting O’Brien with set-up and other details was 2012 recruit Amitaj Gill. Gill was the Scout Team Offensive Player of the Year as a freshman. He didn’t play football in 2013 but looks like he will be able to help the receiving corps this fall. I don’t know whether the tournament was the 16th or 17th version put on by Friends of Gryphon Football but I do know the Acqua Salon girls were back for their seventh consecutive year.

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