Toronto Star story on a couple Gryphon alumni

The day after I share the link about Doug Pflug landing an NCAA Strength & Conditioning job, the Toronto Star comes out with a story on a couple more Gryphon football alumni training elite hockey players. Dan Noble and David Harrison work together at The Hill Academy, “a private school with a serious athletics focus, where he [Noble] is the director of physical education and athletic performance” but they have even bigger things on the horizon.

Dan Noble circa 2003

Dan Noble circa 2003

After graduating from Guelph in 2003 Noble returned to the campus as an assistant D-Line coach and assistant S&C coach. Approximately 2009-2011 if I recall correctly. Noble also scouted and recruited the York Region for the Gryphons around that time. Harrison was a favourite target of Justin Dunk, finished among the OUA top 10 in receiving yards at least once, maybe twice, and played in the 2007 Yates Cup.

From the

When the next Winter Olympics roll around, Dan Noble — a Habs fan born in Newfoundland, raised in Mississauga and based in Toronto — will don a Team China jersey. At least that’s the goal.

As the new athlete performance coach for the Chinese women’s national hockey team, Noble has just returned from Beijing. His task: to ready the 26-member team, which did not qualify for the Sochi Olympics, for the PyeongChang Winter Games in 2018.

And …

In September, the Chinese women’s team will arrive for a three- month stay. Noble spent 10 days in Beijing putting together a training program for the team. His colleague, David Harrison, remained in Asia to oversee their progress with the Chinese coaches. The women needed most to work on basic fitness and nutrition before hockey-specific outcomes could be met, Noble said.

Full story from the Toronto Star: GTA coach busy training Chinese Womens hockey team for next Olympics



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