LOL! “Magic Mike O’Shea … miracle worker”

O'Shea miracle worker

Gryphon Hall of Fame player Mike O’Shea has already won plenty of praise for what he has done in a short time as the head coach of the Blue Bombers. “Getting to three wins normally takes the Bombers until Labour Day — if they’re lucky. Last year it took all season,” according to Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun.

O’Shea has the Bombers off to a 3-0 start and they face the 3-0 Edmonton Eskimos in a clash tonight on TSN at 10 pm.

The intro from Friesen’s article in yesterday’s paper:

And for his next trick, Mike O’Shea will part the waters of the flooding Assinboine and make Winnipeg mosquito-free, forever.

Or maybe he’ll feed some 30,000 at Selinger Field Thursday night with five Mr. Big Nips and a couple of fish burritos.

Watching the Winnipeg Blue Bombers rookie head coach leaves you wondering what miracle he’s going to orchestrate next.

The guy has pressed every right button in getting the Bombers off to a 3-0 start, whether it’s finding replacements for injured Canadian starters (hello Matt Bucknor, Teague Sherman and Julian Feoli-Gudino) or challenging officials’ calls during games (he’s a perfect 3-0).

Read the full story – Mike O’Shea has been a miracle worker for Blue Bombers.

If you’ve read today’s Throwback Thursday post, take note of how similar some of the descriptions of his coaching style and “way of communicating” are to those of Tom Dimitroff Sr..

An article from Justin Dunk on tonight’s CFL game – Bombers-Esks meet in clash of styles.

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