CFL hopeful Reinhart making a good impression

Jake ReinhartThe CFL regular season doesn’t open for another nine days when the Toronto Argonauts visit the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. [Thursday, June 26; TSN broadcast time 8:30 EST]

In fact, there are still four exhibition games to be played this Thursday and Friday. But, it sounds like former Guelph linebacker Jake Reinhart may have already made enough of an impression to expect him to be in the Argos opening day line-up. At least that is the impression I get from a story today in the Toronto SunArgos were nervous to see long snapper go, a story primarily about former Argos’ LS Chad Rempel. I’ve excerpted the portion related to Reinhart.

Rempel’s departure left Argos head coach Scott Milanovich with some definite concerns. While the long snapper isn’t a player most fans worry, the position can cost a head coach some sleepless nights

That’s where Jake Reinhart enters. Reinhart is a linebacker by trade out of Guelph but was savvy enough while with the Gryphons to heed some advice from long-time defensive line coach Brian Cluff who suggested learning how to properly ‘long snap’ a football might be a good idea for his football future.

“I didn’t focus on it until my later years in university,” Reinhart said. “ We had a defensive line coach, coach Cluff, who said you really have a shot in the CFL if you can long snap so I started working with him and I really started to get good at it. I just kept working at it and here I am now.”

Reinhart was in camp with the Argos last year and got some valuable tutelage time with Rempel but didn’t stick with the team.

“He was a really nice guy,” Reinhart said. “He would show me different hand placements on the ball and how to really swing your hips back when you fire it so he taught me a few things for sure.”

Little did he know, but Reinhart was making quite the impression himself a year ago.

“With Reinhart here last year I felt very comfortable with him as did (general manager) Jim Barker and now that (special teams coach) Jim Daley has had a chance to see him he feels pretty good about him as well so we’ve been fortunate there.”

A good long snapper is like a safety blanket for a head coach and without one you just don’t feel as confident.

It’s why Milanovich uses the word “scary” when asked about that initial feeling when he learned Rempel wouldn’t be back.

Fortunately Reinhart hadn’t already committed to something else.

“Until we got him it was a definite concern,” Milanovich said. “We weren’t sure what he was even doing but once we got Jake I felt much better about it.”

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