Gryphon DT selected in 3rd round

Jeff Finley sack against Queen's

Jeff Finley sack against Queen’s

Congratulations to Jeff Finley!!

The Montreal Alouettes didn’t make Gryphon DT Jeff Finley wait ’til the bitter end to see if he would be drafted. In a nice surprise Finley was selected by the Als in the 3rd round of last night’s CFL draft. Montreal used the 22nd overall pick to select Finley. He was the 5th defensive lineman to be picked out of a total of 18 DLs selected on the night. The Als picked Finley ahead of several higher-rated, bigger name prospects.

I use the words “nice surprise” because Finley, in spite of strong numbers at the Toronto Combine, wasn’t invited to the CFL National Combine back in March. Obviously he did enough to impress several teams. Over the past two months I wrote of continued CFL interest in Finley here and here. Then I wrote this yesterday afternoon, “I’ve heard from several CFL sources including Dunk that there is also significant interest in DT Jeff Finley. Many wouldn’t be shocked to see him also picked in the late rounds.”

Finley drafted

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2 Responses to Gryphon DT selected in 3rd round

  1. Brian Cluff says:

    Congratulations Jeff, I am very proud of you……..hard work and effort pay off.
    Coach Cluff

    • Jim Finley says:

      Hard work, effort and great coaching pays off, just to correct you Brian! Thank you for all that you have done to make Jeff a better player! Cheers, Jim

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