More Gala memories + photos

A few of the stories I forgot in my original post about the Gala Dinner:

  • Former UG audio/video manager and multi-purpose guy around Alumni Stadium Don Bagg told me that while Mark Brown‘s #21 jersey number was never officially retired, Bagg was able to keep it from being worn for more than 20 years.
  • Kyle Walters spoke about a phone call he (or maybe it was Mike O’Shea?) received from Kevin Teneycke. A Gryphon from the early-90s, Teneycke now lives in Brandon, MB, and has three sons playing minor football there. Teneycke asked if the Blue Bombers could provide some assistance with a skills camp for local players. So the Bombers sent a rookie and a couple of practice roster guys out to help.  It was none other than the Bombers Head Coach, Special Teams Coordinator and General Manager who made the two hour drive out to Brandon to assist the minor football organization. Why was the request not passed off to the club’s Community Relations Department? Because it was a fellow Gryphon who had asked for assistance.
  • Guelph Councillor and Mayoralty candidate Cam Guthrie, and his wife Rachel, made time in their schedule to attend the Gala. I first wrote of Guthrie last year when he was one of the early supporters of bringing the Ticats to Guelph. Guthrie is a football fan, a Ticat season-ticket holder and I’m glad to have him on our side. He tweeted this from the Delta.

At @GryphonFootball fundraising dinner. I encourage everyone to support them this season!
At @GryphonFootball fundraising dinner. I encourage everyone to support them this season!
  •  As I wrote Kyle Walters thanked AD Kendall for taking a chance on him as a young head coach but I forgot Walters also spoke about being in “the right place at the right time” on several occasions. One of those occasions was his first season coaching with the Gryphons. He came in on a 6 month contract but the Athletic Department provided the funding to create a full-time, year-round assistant coaching position once he arrived.
  • My only regret on the evening is leaving early – ten minutes before midnight. I hear the after party went on as late as 4:30 am.

*     *     *

The photo gallery below contains photographs by the official photographer of Gryphon Athletics – Kyle Rodriguez. These photos came from several dozen “early releases”. His full photo gallery from the evening contains almost 400 photos that can be viewed here.


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