Gryphons add legacy recruit from California

Beckman's safety, Marcus Volpe, recovers the ball and dodges multiple Irvine Vaqueros before making a touchdown during the Pacific Coast League game on Friday night.   Photo: Erik Kelly/

Beckman’s safety, Marcus Volpe #18, recovers the ball and dodges multiple Irvine Vaqueros before scoring a 45-yard touchdown during the Pacific Coast League game on Friday night, October 25, 2013.
Photo: Erik Kelly/

I would hazard to guess that the newest member of the 2014 recruiting class, Marcus Volpe, is the first-ever prospective Gryphon football player to come from California. Volpe is a 5’9″ 165-pound safety and wide receiver who has played three years of varsity football for Irvine, CA’s Beckman HS. Volpe recorded 118 tackles over 3 seasons, an average of 5.4 tackles per game. In the 2013 season he also made 2 interceptions, broke up 3 passes and recovered a fumble which he returned 45 yards for a touchdown.

The Beckman Patriots play in the California Interscholastic Federations’ Pacific Coast League in Orange County. Orange County produces a large number of NCAA FBS prospects so you know Volpe has played against good competition there in Southern California. His Patriots squad finished 4-6 in 2013. Two of  Volpe’s teammates are headed to major NCAA programs in 2014 – Cal and Vanderbilt.

How, you may wonder, does a player in SoCal get on the radar of a Canadian college team? And vice versa. Of course, long time Gryphon supporters will recognize the Volpe name. Yes, Marcus is the son of former Guelph star and Gryphon Hall of Famer Jeff Volpe. After a brief CFL career with the Edmonton Eskimos ended due to injury, Jeff Volpe launched a successful marketing career in the high tech industry. That ultimately landed him in Southern California as Vice President and General Manager of ViewSonic North America.

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Jeff Volpe, 1986 CFL playing card

Jeff Volpe, 1986 CFL playing card

Summary from 1986 of Jeff Volpe’s career at Guelph :

Jeff still has two years of college eligibility remaining. He was selected by the Edmonton Eskimos in the second round at this year’s draft. He intercepted 2 passes in 1985 for a career total of 10. He had 6 in 1983, and 2 in 1984 and scored a touchdown off one of the 1984 interceptions. Jeff also worked on special teams and has 21 career punt returns for 324 yards, 15.4 yard average, and 1 touchdown.


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Marcus Volpe’s defensive highlights in Hudl:

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2 Responses to Gryphons add legacy recruit from California

  1. Bill Myers says:

    Legacy or not, attending university in Canada is a much more affordable alternative for Americans. If you attend a university that is out of your home state it can cost you tens of thousands a year! I don’t doubt that Americans coming to Canada for their education will become uncommon as years go by. And with that a plethora of well coached football prospects.

  2. Bill Morrison says:

    Congratulations to the Volpe family for maintaining a great history in Guelph. We truly look forward to another good football player from the family. Even though they are not that common, recruits from California have played well for the Gryphons before. One of the best is none other than Paul Zvonkin, from Riverside Junior College, 1967.

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