Update on Gryphons in the CFL

No sooner do I write a post noting the involvement, or prospective involvement, of eight Gryphons in the CFL this year than the Toronto Argonauts make an announcement I hadn’t figured on. But it’s all good. Very good news in fact for Guelph grad Jake Reinhart. Yesterday an argonauts.ca press release included this news:

Guelph, Ontario native Jake Reinhart re-joins the Argonauts after attending 2013 training camp with the club as a long snapper. He had a successful five-year football career at the University of Guelph where he was a team captain. In 2011, he finished third in the CIS with 63 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 forced fumbles. That year, he was named Guelph’s Defensive Player of the Year and named an Academic All-Canadian. In his junior year, he was the recipient of the Gryphons’ 2010 Special Teams Award after finishing the season with 17 tackles and 3 returned kickoffs in 9 games.

Argo Reinhart

Reinhart’s 2013 Argonauts training camp profile

Last year in training camp Reinhart competed against incumbent long snapper Chad Rempel. A 10-year CFL veteran, Rempel will not be back in Argos training camp as he has signed with the NFL’s Chicago Bears. The Argos have signed Reinhart as a long snapper and linebacker, and believe he has the potential to help them in special team roles other than just long snapping. That wouldn’t surprise any Gryphon fans as “Rhino” was a multi-year special teams captain and racked up a huge number of special teams tackles over his 5 year career. No one would know that better than Reinhart’s former teammate and current Argonauts Director of Player Personnel Chris Rossetti.

*     *     *

Tyler Beiber of CFLDaily.ca came out yesterday with his latest CFL Draft: Rankings Update and there is good news for two Gryphon prospects. Maybe I should say “hopeful” news because the good news, if there is any, won’t come until draft day. First off, Rob Farquharson made it onto CFLDaily’s Big Board – Top 50 Rankings at #47.

In this edition of his report Farquharson is ranked the #3 running back available in the draft. Jeff Finley makes the list as the #5 defensive tackle available. It is Finley’s first appearance on the list but Beiber provides this note of explanation …

Running backs and defensive linemen have been split in to two groups. For the backs, they are ranked as running backs and fullbacks. The determination is based on our projections as to where a player should play. Defensive linemen have been split in to defensive ends and defensive tackles using that same determination.

As I wrote Monday I believe a lot of people see Finley as something of a “tweener”. The fact that he is ranked as #5 DT  and there are ten players ranked at DE may indicate that his best prospects lie at DT. Some CFL people must believe that he can add the 15-20 pounds they are looking for while maintaining his speed and athleticism. Finley is very much a playmaker on the inside and not just a big body plugging up a gap.

Jeff Finley sack against Queen's

Jeff Finley sack against Queen’s

*     *     *

cheerleader virginiaNot to be outdone Guelph Gryphons Cheerleading announced yesterday that alumna Virginia Wright has been “selected to join the CFL Saskatchewan Roughrider Cheerleading team this coming season! Virginia has been a Guelph Cheerleader from 2010-2014 and was one of the recipients of 2014 MVP.”


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