The Mercury’s take on spring camp

I saw the Mercury’s Rob Massey was on the field taking in the combined practice and scrimmage with Laurier yesterday. This afternoon his story has gone up on – Gryphon football hopefuls look for spots on dress roster. Massey rightly focuses his attention on some of the scout team players fighting for dress roster positions. He has two good action photos of second year players QB Evan Murdza and DT Josh Janssen (below).

Josh Janssen winning a rep versus WLU OL Photo: Rob Massey

Josh Janssen winning a drill rep versus WLU O-Lineman
Photo: Rob Massey

Two more second year players, DE Reza Shayani and OL Dan Urbshas, talk about their desires to play, the differences of playing at the CIS level and the work they are putting in. Having met and talked with new Strength & Conditioning Coach Jordan Foley this past week I was particularly interested in their comments on the topic.

Both know if they’re to get a spot on the dress roster, it’s going to require them to stay on top of their workouts this summer. And both also say they need to get bigger, faster and stronger. Shayani is 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds while Urbshas is 6-foot-1, 268 pounds.

“My off-season is going to be a big one. I’m going to go work out and get stronger and faster,” Shayani said. “A lot of it is to focus on my legs just to get bigger and stronger with my base.”

Like most Gryphons who’ll be in the area after school’s done for the summer, Urbshas plans on working out as much as possible with Gryphon strength and conditioning coach Jordan Foley.

“Conditioning is one of our big things,” Urbshas said. “The biggest thing is coming together as a unit and being the brothers that we are and pushing each other so that we achieve our ultimate goal, which is the Yates (Cup).”


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