Friday afternoon thoughts – April 4/14

I have seen lots of positive feedback to the news that Guelph will take on the Montreal Carabins in Montreal on August 24. I’ve received messages or read comments from Halifax, Quebec City and Montreal right thru to Vancouver.

Head Coach Stu Lang Photo:

Head Coach Stu Lang

UdeM Coach Danny Maciocia Photo:

UdeM Coach Danny Maciocia

CIS fans often lament the lack of “interlocking” games. This year the CIS preseason schedule now looks to include 6 of the likely top 10 teams in head-to-head, inter-conference matchups. We’ve known for months that Laval would again face Calgary. Now the news that Guelph heads to Montreal, and reports say that Saskatchewan will play Western Ontario in London. While these are all exhibition games they will go a long way to feeding the desire of CIS aficionados for inter-locking competition. Hopefully a few other teams will join the trend.

*     *     *

The next thing up on the Gryphon football calendar is the combined practice tomorrow at 1 pm with the WLU Golden Hawks. The weather should be bearable – rain is no longer forecast, sunshine is possible and temps will be above freezing [+2C]. Still, my recommendation:  wear boots and long johns; bring a tuque and gloves. You can always take your tuque or coat off if you’re too warm.

Golden Hawk logoHopefully the Golden Hawks will present a little more of a challenge than the Lions. Laurier does have the advantage of returning their starting QB. Even their backup QB has starting experience while York was starting at the beginning last week in their search for a new offensive leader.

In spite of their 1-7 record many folks think Laurier will be a much improved team in 2014. Growing offensive production and much more competitive preformances in the second half of the 2013 season were cause for hope. Michael Faulds has now been in charge of the Laurier program for 15 months.

I hope the drills and scrimmage are competitive. It is a great chance to watch players in one-on-one drills, 7-on-7 and in a full scrimmage. As is usually the case, everything will be filmed and offer both teams some important evaluation and teaching opportunities in the off-season. I’m looking forward to it. There were probably 200 fans at York last Sunday. If the weather cooperates, I would be surprised if there aren’t more at Alumni Stadium tomorrow.

*     *     *

I think I have a bunch of interesting info to share from a recent visit to Alumni Stadium. Look for that post after the coverage of tomorrow’s practice/scrimmage with Laurier.

Another thing I want to follow up on is the list I started on Gryphon participant’s in the East-West Bowl. The game has been played annually since 2003 but I can’t find rosters from earlier than 2009. With assistance from a couple of former players I’ve already filled out the 2008 and 2007 participants. Can anyone help me out with the names for years 2003-2006? Please add the names in the comments section or email me at

2013 – John Rush, Rob Farquharson and Jeff Finley
2012 – Dillon Dimitroff, Cam Thorn and Jake Piotrowski
2011 – Jordan Duncan, Mike Millar and Saxon Lindsey
2010 – Jedd Gardner, Sebastian Howard and James Savoie
2009 – Adam Dunk, Nick FitzGibbon, Grant MacDonald and Rob Maver
2008 – Justin Dunk, Andrew Crosby, Chris Gervais and Jamie Shaw
2007 – Justin Dunk and Ian Keleher
2006 – Chris Hladich, Adam Wigdor and Dave McKoy
2005 – Andrew VanKerrebroek, Ryan Keleher, Andrew Oosterhuis, Pete DeGouw and Chris McIntyre
2004 – Mike Dougherty, Kevin Adam and Trevor Small
2003 – Anthony Mason and Mike Dougherty


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