Combined practice at York today

It looks like it will be a fine day for spring football after all. We had an inch of snow overnight but a warm sun has melted much of it by mid morning. The sunshine is supposed to continue with temperatures to reach +7 C . I’ll be heading to York U to watch the Combined practice/scrimmage scheduled to start at 1pm.

Now that I own a modern cellular communication device I may even try to update this post with some observations from the sidelines. Or who knows, I might even tweet via @petergryphon. Admittedly, I haven’t done much to this point but retweet some relevant stuff from others. Who knows I might even figure out how to get a photo from phone to blog. [Update: none of that stuff happened. I did pull the Samsung Galaxy out of my pocket a couple of times but … naaahh. Not happening.]

york lions logoBesides checking out the Gryphons for the first time of 2014 I’m interested in seeing the changes at York Stadium. The Lions had a new turf field installed last off-season. I hope they made at least one other change – move the bleachers a 100′ closer to the field. We’ll see. [ The new turf … all-purpose stuff rather than Field Turf. Still a big improvement. And kudos to York … they have shifted the playing field considerably closer to the stands. It makes the football experience much better. But with the turf marked with lacrosse and soccer lines it does make me appreciate even more that Alumni Stadium has football only turf.]

BTW I’m already aware that a few Gryphons will be sitting out of the practice. No need for anyone, especially veterans, to play even with minor bumps and bruises. I like that Coach Lang has scheduled another opportunity for players to “show their stuff” against an OUA opponent next Saturday versus the Laurier Golden Hawks. [Quite a number of players did not dress including linemen Matt Nesbitt, Zachary Bader-Shamai, Caleb Monk, Zack Mallough and Ben Osmow; receivers A’dre Fraser, James Ingram and Lucas Spanuolo; lots of others at many positions]

*     *     *

Post-practice update:

Will be continued in a separate post later this evening.


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