Off-season practices continue

D-Line in Fla

When the Gryphons held their Winter Camp in Florida last month they practiced six times. They had several Friday afternoon practices in the weeks before they left and they’ve had several since they came back. There will be a few more before they reach the allowable limit of 20 off-season practices. A couple of the remaining practices will be different than the rest.

The Gryphons will be hosting the York Lions on Sunday, March 30 at 1 p.m. and the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks on Saturday, April 5 at 1 p.m. for combined practices. Guelph got together with Laurier for a combined practice in Waterloo in Spring 2012 and another one this past preseason in London with the Western Ontario Mustangs. The practices will include OUA referees but won’t involve special teams play. I expect we’ll see a controlled scrimmage to conclude the practice as was done in the previous two cases.

After the practices the Gryphons will host their opponents at Cutten Fields Golf & Country Club for a BBQ.

*     *     *

As for what is going on at some of these off-season practices check out this recent video.

Previously on this blog I’ve written several times how I appreciate the teacher-coach coaching style of many of Guelph’s assistant coaches. I’ve specifically referred to D-Line Coach Brian Cluff’s approach here and here. No wonder that Cluffer has produced such a long line of OUA All Stars and CIS All-Canadians.

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