Red-Black All Star game returning to Guelph


From a March 7/14 media release:

The Ontario Football Alliance is pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Team Ontario Red vs Black Weekend will be held once again at the University of Guelph!

Once again, the Team Ontario Red vs Black weekend will be held at the University of Guelph. Guelph Gryphon Head Coach Stuart Lang had this to say, “The University of Guelph Gryphons football team is excited to again host the annual Team Ontario Red vs Black all-star game. We hope all the players will have a “professional experience” playing on the same turf field with video display scoreboard the Hamilton Tiger Cats did last year, as our CFL guests.  For our Gryphon Coaches this game is an excellent opportunity for us to evaluate the next generation of CIS football players.”

I view this as very positive news. It brings 90 of the top, future CIS prospects in Ontario to Alumni Stadium and the University of Guelph campus. That is a good thing! We have excellent facilities that these prospects will get to experience first hand. It also helps to build Guelph’s reputation as a football centre and extend the Gryphon brand. It is a great coincidence that the Red vs Black name of the game dovetails so nicely with the Alumni Stadium field and the Gryphon colours. Numerous times I’ve watched the highlight tapes of CIS prospects from across Ontario only to see clips from last year’s game in which the Gryphon logo and checkerboard end-zones are featured prominently.

I attended the game last year and I plan on going back again this year. It’s an all star game so the results don’t matter that much except to the players and their families. But it was a good opportunity to watch some future recruits while meeting and talking with football people and families from across Ontario, as well as some Gryphon supporters. One former Gryphon & CFL great I met, and spoke with for the first time, was Heron Tait. He was there watching a nephew who was trying out for Team O.

More details from the OFA announcement:

April 17th – 19th, the Top 90 U18 players in Ontario will meet in Guelph for the annual Red vs Black Weekend. The Top 90 players are selected from our 4 regional tryouts … All players will be personally invited by Coach Mills or a member of his staff for this event. Players will go through a university style mini-camp followed by a Red vs Black game that will be filmed to professional CFL standards in which the final roster for the Canada Cup will be selected.

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