More links on Guelph recruits – part 4

Defensive line recruit Charlie Taggart

Defensive line recruit Charlie Taggart

DL Charlie Taggart [6’2″ 225, Westdale (Hamilton)] – CFC: Hooked on a winning formula

“The last two years I attended Guelph’s high school camp I almost felt at home being on their campus,” explained Taggart. “The players there are great guys and are good to be around.”

“I really like the direction that their coaching staff is looking to take the team. I think I am going to be winning a lot of football games and have fun doing it in a Gryphons uniform. The school is real close to home which is really convenient. I really like how much support academically the university and the football team gives to its players to make sure that they are achieving both on and off the field.”

“Guelph also has one of the best defensive lines in the country and I am very excited to be a part of that,” added Taggart.

*     *     *

OL Eric StarczalaCFC: Coaching dedication

Offensive line recruit Eric Starczala

Offensive line recruit Eric Starczala

“The 6’5′ 270 pound offensive lineman from Cambridge, Ontario will join the team for the 2014 season.”

“I chose the University of Guelph because from the moment I stepped on campus for my visit it felt like home,” explained Starczala of his decision. “Some factors that contributed to my decision were the academic support, the football program and that the coaches are dedicated to making you a better overall person not just a football player. It also helped that I know a few of the 2014 commits and some of the players of the team.”

*     *     *

P/K Gabriel Ferraro [5’11” 165, St Marcellinus (Mississauga)] – CFC: Home feeling

“At Guelph I get that “home” feeling. Having my brother at Guelph I’ve been around the program for the past three seasons and I have seen the great support from the coaches and the team, both on and off the field,” commented Ferraro after his decision. “Another factor for me was the team’s family atmosphere.”

“The opportunity to play alongside my brother, who has been my mentor and role model my whole life, is an experience I couldn’t pass on. Ferraro joins Team Canada for International Bowl

“It took a little while to sink in, but when St. Marcellinus Secondary School kicker/punter Gabriel Ferraro realized he had just met a seven-time Grey Cup champion kicker, he was understandably starstruck.”

“It was a few years ago and Ferraro had just finished playing a high school football game when he was approached by former Edmonton Eskimo and Toronto Argonaut star Hank Ilesic, a Mississauga resident who just happened to be in the area watching the game.”

“At first I didn’t realize who he was,” said Ferraro, who now trains with Ilesic at St. Marcellinus and Olympia Muscle and Fitness at Rockwood Mall. “Then it clicked in, I did some research and I thought ‘Oh my God, this is Hank Illesic.’ It was very unexpected, but I’m very grateful I got to meet him and train with him.”

Since they began training together, Ferraro has evolved into one of the top high school kickers in Canada.

K/P recruit Gabriel Ferraro Photo:

K/P recruit Gabriel Ferraro

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