D-10 football awards luncheon

2013 D-10 Award winners photo: Rob Massey/Mercury

2013 D-10 Award winners
photo: Rob Massey/Mercury

I had the opportunity yesterday to attend the District 10 Football Awards Luncheon at the Cutten Fields Country Club across the road from Alumni Stadium. The Cutten Club always puts on a nice spread. I’ve enjoyed many fine lunches there, particularly for the QB Club Luncheons. But, yesterday I made the mistake of not arriving early enough. When 30+ teenage football players, and their coaches, have the opportunity to stack their plates before you even arrive you have to accept the fact that your options may be limited. Good thing though, the Cutten Club never seems to run out of food.

As much as I try to follow what is happening in high school football around Ontario I have never heard of another region having an event like this, which, by the way, is put on by the Gryphon football program. It is one more way that the program “gives back” to its community. Certainly the local football community has been good to the Gryphons. Three current Gryphon players who were products of D-10 football were in attendance – James Ingram [GCVI], Mac Myers [Centennial] and Caleb Monk [Centennial].

Nick FitzGibbon with 2013 winner Nick Parisotto

Nick FitzGibbon with 2013 “Fitzy” winner Nick Parisotto  photo: Kyle Rodriguez

Future contributors to the Gryphons cleaned up on the major hardware. Former Gryphon great Nick FitzGibbon was on hand to give out the trophy that bears his name to the league’s MVP. He presented that award to Lourdes two-way star Nick Parisotto. A 2014 Guelph recruit, Parisotto was also named the D-10 Defensive Player of the Year. The Offensive Player of the Year was GCVI quarterback Job Reinhart, another member of the 2014 recruiting class.

The other individual awards went to Centennial offensive lineman Nathan Monk [Lineman of the Year] and John F Ross offensive lineman Adam Dingwall [Rookie of the Year]. Monk is the younger brother of Gryphon freshman OL Caleb Monk. All members of the 2013 D-10 All Star team were also recognized. That included two more Gryphon recruits – LB Liam McCormack and OT Spencer Swan. I had a chance to introduce myself to both of them after the dinner. They are a couple of nice young men and there is no doubt that they both are every inch of their listed heights – 6’4″ & 6’5″.

Several other former Gryphon players were in attendance. Jeff Yanchus and Frank Tersigni are long time high school coaches at JF Ross and GCVI respectively. Another “old” Gryphon was a new face in the D-10 coaching ranks this year. Bill Morrison, the 1970 Wildman Trophy winner, and his son Billy, joined the coaching staff at Orangeville District, a program just completing its fourth season of football. Prior to 2013 Morrison was a long-time defensive line coach with the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks.

For more details, quotes and the complete list of D-10 All Stars check out the Mercury’s story: Parisotto nabs the Fitzy award.

*     *     *

On my way out of the Cutten Club I saw a face I thought I recognized. I wasn’t 100% certain because I’d never met this person “in person”. But sure enough I was right. It was Guelph’s Ward 4 Councillor Cam Guthrie. We shook hands and talked very briefly. I only came to hear of Cam Guthrie because he was to my knowledge the first civic supporter of the idea of the Tiger-Cats coming to Guelph for the 2013 season. Back in 2012 I wrote,

Guelph City Councillor Cam Guthrie is also in favour of the idea. Guthrie said, “If it could work, we should be all over it. I think it’s a good thing to look at and at least explore”. A Ticat season ticket holder, Guthrie said he polled fans at a Ti-Cats pre-season game this week and people were unanimous in preferring the games be moved to Guelph rather than London.

I’ve paid attention, from a distance, to what Guthrie has been doing since then and was very pleased to see that he recently announced he is running for mayor.

Photo: Doug Hallet/Guelph Tribune

Photo: Doug Hallet/Guelph Tribune

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