More links on Guelph recruits – part 1

It is great to see that in the three years since I started this blog the coverage of CIS football in general has been growing. Particularly so when it comes to recruiting. CanadaFootballChat has added significantly to the coverage of recruiting. CFC’s recruit profiles are quite different from my own and usually worth reading. They typically include quotes directly from the players. That frequently includes insights into the influences on a player and the considerations that went into his decision. Those are things that I may or may not even speculate on.

This is the first of several posts that will share recruiting stories and links on Guelph’s committed recruits. By the way, I only share a few highlights from each so I encourage you to click on the links for the full version:

DB Nick ParisottoCFC: Staying home in 2014

DB recruit Nick Parisotto

DB recruit Nick Parisotto

“I decided to commit to the University of Guelph because I believe they are going to give me the best opportunities to succeed on and off the football field,” explained Parisotto. “I am very fortunate for being talked to by almost every school in the country and offered scholarships by over ten schools ….”

“Staying in my home town and getting a chance to carry on the tradition of excellence set by fellow locals like Nick FitzGibbon was very important to me.”

“Moreover, the Guelph defensive back sees a bright future for the Gryphons and wants to play a role in helping the team to achieve greater successes in years to come.”

The Guelph Mercury‘s story: Guelph’s Nick Parisotto commits to Gryphons

*     *     *

LB Luke KorolCFC: Perfect scenario for LB

“The coaching staff is top notch,” commented the Ontario linebacker. “Coach Adam Grandy has coached me for a few years on the Burlington Stampeders, as well as the Team Ontario Selects when we travelled to Texas to play Team USA.”

“I love the way he coaches. We formed a good relationship and I knew that if I went to Guelph I would get the coaching I needed to be successful. Throughout the recruiting process I also formed a very good relationship with Defensive Coordinator Kevin MacNeill. I found that he showed the most interest in me. He didn’t make me feel like I was just another recruit on his list. I felt like he already had a plan for me when I chose to become a Gryphon.”

LB recruit Luke Korol #51 in Arlington, Texas Coach Adam Grandy (left)

LB recruit Luke Korol #51 in Arlington, Texas
Coach Adam Grandy (left)

*     *     *

LB Drew WaldenCFC: Homecoming commitment

LB recruit Drew Walden

LB recruit Drew Walden

“I chose Guelph because of the “home” atmosphere you get from the program, from the recruiters to the Head Coach to the coordinators,” explained Walden. “Guelph is also producing top players in the OUA and I felt the coaches could help me reach that next level I am hoping to get to.”

“Kevin MacNeill was a large part of why I wanted to become a Gryphon,” added the Cambridge, Ontario linebacker. “He flat out knows how to coach football and game plan for other teams.”

“His defenses for the last few years have been outstanding.”

*     *     *

OL Nick ThunCFC: Striking a connection

“Throughout my time playing on Team Ontario and with the Burlington Stampeders program, I have had the privilege of being coached by some of these top notch coaches,” said Thun. “These coaches are some of the best in the CIS and that is shown by the recent success of the Gryphon program (i.e. Todd Galloway, Mike MacDonald, Bill Brown).”

“Being coached by Mike MacDonald for the past couple seasons has definitely been a huge part in my choice of becoming a Gryphon. I feel a great connection with him that has elevated my game. I have always been welcomed with open arms by the coaching staff and the players which gave me that feeling of being part of the family.”

OL recruit Nick Thun #67

OL recruit Nick Thun #67

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