More on newly signed recruit

OL recruit Arran MacRae

OL recruit Arran MacRae

CFC editor Ameeta Vohra has written an information-packed, 20+ paragraph story on new recruit Arran MacRae. As always, CFC writes a different style of recruit profile than I do. I’m not a journalist and I don’t do interviews, so you’ll find many more direct quotes in their articles than mine. I suggest you click on the link – CFC #4 MacRae newest Gryphon – and read the entire article. I’ll just highlight a few points:

  • The strengths of the football program and academics were impressive at Guelph. [He will study Human Kinesiology.]
  • “Football-wise they are a program that is making leaps and bounds,” explained MacRae. “Every year they are bringing in better and better recruits, are constantly upgrading their facilities and staff …”
  • “It is a school and program based on moral integrity, character building, family, and simplicity first and foremost, combined with a passion … to succeed on the field and in the classroom.”
  • MacRae generated a lot of interest from NCAA schools … received offers from Nevada and Cornell … went on recruit visits to Ole Miss and Memphis.

One must-read part of the article is the story of his chance encounter with Mike O’Shea. It was a conversation that has stuck with MacRae for almost two years and seems to have shaped his thinking about Guelph. MacRae just learned recently who it was that he had been talking to, a Gryphon Hall-of-Famer and CFL legend.

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By the way I already have a collection of CFC quotes from and links to stories on other  recruits that I will be posting soon.

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One Response to More on newly signed recruit

  1. Gryphonforlife says:

    Awesome news. Getting a recruit of this caliber really sets the program on another level. Having it come at a position we needed so badly? Well, that’s just icing on the cake!

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