2014 off to a great start on recruiting trail

The CIS recruiting blackout ended yesterday. Today Guelph announces a blockbuster signing … Arran MacRae, a 6’5″ 300lb offensive lineman from Kingston, signed an LOI in Guelph today.

Arran MacRae signs his LOI today at Alumni Stadium photo: Cody MacRae

Arran MacRae signs his LOI today at Alumni Stadium
photo: Cody MacRae

A blockbuster signing you ask? Well, consider that MacRae is the #4 ranked player in Canada according to CanadaFootballChat.com’s Top 100 list. Couple that with the fact that offensive line is a position of need this year with four players graduating [O’Neill, Meschino, Piotrowski & Thorn] and yes, this is big news.

For the past two years it was assumed that MacRae was headed to the NCAA. Teams from the SEC, to the ACC, to the Big 10 and Conference USA were interested in him. And he’s such a solid scholar that almost all of the Ivy League teams were recruiting him. It caught me by surprise before Christmas when I heard he had decided to come back to Canada. I say come back because he has spent the past two years at the Kent School, a Connecticut prep school.

MacRae burst onto the recruiting scene in 2011, when as an 11th grader he was a dominant lineman for the National Capital Bowl champion Frontenac Falcons. Second year Guelph RB Rob Carnegie was another star on that team. I was working in Kingston at the time and watched that Frontenac team play six times including playoff wins at Richardson Stadium [KASSAA], Brockville [EOSSAA] and the Rogers Centre [OFSAA].

Lots more I could say but I’ll save that for another time. MacRae had this to say in his own Facebook announcement:

Proud to announce my commitment to the University of Guelph and Gryphon Football. When I first started on my journey 5 years ago, I never would have imagined what I would’ve gotten to see or the people I’ve gotten to meet, nor did I think I… would end up at Guelph. From the SEC to the Ivy Leagues, to the seemingly never ending cycle of surgeries and rehab, to playing with awesome guys on many different teams that spanned both different countries and even continents, I have been so blessed and am grateful for it all.
source: Twitter @GryphonFootball

source: Twitter @GryphonFootball

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