Rossetti receives another promotion

QB # 9 Chris Rossetti in 2010

QB # 9 Chris Rossetti in 2010

Congratulations to Chris Rossetti on his appointment to the position of Director of Player Personnel with the Toronto Argonauts. Previously Rossetti’s title was Player Personnel Assistant.

It really doesn’t come as a surprise to me. I was almost ready to predict as much three weeks ago when I wrote:

Another Gryphon grad who might be impacted, indirectly, by the moves being orchestrated in Winnipeg by new Blue Bombers GM Walters may be Chris Rossetti. After a successful internship with the Toronto Argonauts Rossetti earned himself a full-time position in the Argos’ player personnel department. Rossetti has travelled across North America scouting NFL training camps, the NCAA and the CIS for the Boatmen. What does that have to do with the Bombers? Well, another of Walters’ hires is Ted Goveia, previously the Argos’ head of Cdn Player Personnel ….

It’s unclear whether Goviea’s departure results in a promotion for Rossetti but it certainly does make the former Gryphon pivot rather indispensable leading up to the 2014 CFL draft. A phone call from another former Gryphon played a role in Rossetti landing his original position with the Argos. Apparently Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff Jr. made a call to Argo GM Jim Barker that opened the door.

Chris Rosssetti holding the Grey Cup

Chris Rosssetti holding the Grey Cup

Rossetti may be relatively young to be given such a significant position but I don’t doubt he will be successful. This has been a goal of his for a while. He certainly has an encyclopaedic knowledge of players at the pro and college level, both sides of the border. I believe that was one of the things that caught the attention of Argo GM Jim Barker when Rossetti did his initial internship with the Boatmen. Clearly he has continued to impress his bosses. Best of luck Chris!

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