D-10 All Stars

I mentioned previously that all four D-10 recruits [names in red] to commit to Guelph had been named to the District 10 All Star team. For the first time I’ve seen the complete list in the Guelph Tribune. The Tribune story includes a pair of Special Teams All Stars and a half dozen Honourable Mentions.

OT recruit Spencer Swan

OT recruit Spencer Swan

Offensive line
• Adam Stewart (Orangeville)
• Cage Maracle (Ross)
• Will Mulligan (St. James)
Spencer Swan (GCVI)
• Nathan Monk (Centennial)

Defensive line
• Kurt Kocher (Ross)
• Tyler Lipke (Bishop Macdonell)
• Cody Reid (Lourdes)
• David Wesley-James (GCVI)

LB recruit Mark McCormack

LB recruit Liam McCormack

• Alex Lacelle (Ross)
• Owen Brombal (Bishop Mac)
Liam McCormack (St. James)
• Jackson Sproat (GCVI)

• Jordan Hofstra (Ross)
• Aidan Fraser (Bishop Mac)
• Jonah Hopkins (GCVI)
• Evan Geddis (GCVI)

DB recruit Nick Parisotto

DB recruit Nick Parisotto

Defensive back
• Cody Galea (Orangeville)
• Graham Brodie (Bishop Mac)
Nick Parisotto (Lourdes)
• John Kostal (St. James)

Job Reinhart (GCVI)

Running Back
•  Willy Rannachan (Ross)
• Rod Kinga (St. James)

QB recruit Job Reinhart

QB recruit Job Reinhart

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