2013 Scout Team game

Back in late October there was a little publicized contest on the turf of Alumni Stadium. It was as hard fought a matchup as those waged by the Gryphons or the Ticats. It was the second annual Gryphon Scout Team game. And for the second year in a row it produced an exciting contest that went into overtime. Fittingly, it was decided in double OT by an extraordinary play – a 95-yard touchdown return by transfer DL Daniel Horta won it for the Red team. The players of the game were receiver Colin Booth [Red] and running back Brandon Gordon [Yellow].

While everyone was pleased with the competitiveness of the 2012 game some things were done differently in 2013. [My apologies I never did get around to writing a full post about the game but you can find my comments here and the video here.] A few rule changes allowed the offenses to open up a little bit more. Rather than coaches doing the officiating a crew of OUA referees were brought in. But one thing that the Gryphons have found the right formula for is the picking of teams. The team selection was done in a draft of players by the “coaches” – i.e. senior players who coached the teams. The actual coaching staff are able to watch the game from the press box or at field level but free of game distractions.

Offensive linemen

Scout Game Offensive linemen

There are some challenges trying to run an intra-squad scrimmage when 50 to 60 roster players – dress roster and injured players – are not participating. Some adjustments had to be made. First, there were only seven offensive linemen, not enough for two teams. So the OLs wore white jerseys and played for both the Red and the Yellow teams. The OLs who received a ton of reps and very few breaks were #66 Tyler Case, #53 Daniel Urbshas, #55 Zachary Bader, #64 Ryan Searle, #68 Tyler Iveson, #69 Eric Denis and #61 Caleb Monk. Also, two cornerbacks wore white jerseys and played every snap – #25 Jordyn Mittoo & #3 Jailon Bell.

I’ve not seen a lineup of the squads but I was able to identify a few players. For the Red team – #14 QB Alec Reid, #3 RB Rob Carnegie, #21 Rec Colin Booth, #88 Jordan Boutilier & #95 Daniel Horta. For the Yellow team – #6 QB Evan Murdza, #7 Rec Lucas Spagnuolo, #8 Ben Osmow, #10 DB Riley Baines & #32 RB Brandon Gordon.

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