Final thoughts on the Semi-final

5th year receiver Dillon Dimitroff with one of 5 receptions in his final game Photo: Lou Toppan

5th year receiver Dillon Dimitroff with one of 5 receptions in his final game
Photo: Lou Toppan


OFFENSE – Jazz Lindsey
DEFENSE – Iain Hutchison
SPECIAL TEAMS – Jacob Scarfone

The offense begins and ends with Jazz.  17 for 35 in completions,  212 yards passing with two touchdowns, one to Saxon Lindsey (last game together) and one to A’dre Fraser. Jazz ran the ball 10 times for 41 yards …  Hutchison had 3 solo tackles and 1 assisted tackle (one tackle for a loss of 2 yards), plus several break-ups of passes including a memorable one in the end zone where he came out of nowhere to prevent a touchdown catch …  Scarfone came in to kick a 70 yard Kick-Off and recovered his second pooch kick in the past two games with Queen’s.

SCOUT TEAM Player of the Week – freshman RB Brandon Gordon

*     *     *

Gryphon O-Linemen Photo: Lou Toppan

Gryphon O-Linemen
Photo: Lou Toppan

You don’t see any offensive linemen getting Player of the Game awards but Guelph’s O-Line unit had a very good game. Certainly much improved over two weeks earlier. They opened holes for tailback Rob Farquharson and did a good job of providing time for Jazz Lindsey. This is a unit with a real mix of veterans and youngsters. Playing in the game were four 5th year players – Cody O’Neil, Lucas Meschino, Jake Piotrowski and Cam Thorn. [Three of the four still have some eligibility but can’t be counted on to return IMO.] But starting in the game were also a couple of pillars of future O-Lines – Matt Nesbitt [3rd year] & Cam Wilhelm [2nd]. Blocking TE Matt Toppan [2nd] and OT Steve Mburanumwe [2nd] were the 6th and 7th members of the unit. Missing from the lineup for the game with an injury was the regular starter at RT – Kyle Fraser [2nd].

*     *     *

The 106th Yates Cup is just about to get underway. I will be cheering for Queen’s. Partly I’m just following the old rule: Every OUA fan cheers for two teams each week. Their own team and whoever is playing Western. Admittedly the Golden Gaels are big underdogs but I think if they can get another solid performance from their QB Billy McPhee they have a chance. It will be interesting to see if the Mustang defense can get as much pressure on him as Guelph did last week.

On the other side of the ball, Western QB Will Finch is something special but I don’t think he has faced as much adversity this season. He never faced the pass rush of the Guelph D-Line. Finch is still a young player and Queen’s needs to force him to make some mistakes. They have a front 7 who could potentially cause him some problems.

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One Response to Final thoughts on the Semi-final

  1. doug says:

    Scarfone was very impressive vs Queen’s in this game. Will he be kicking for us more in 2014? He certainly seems to have an impressive leg.

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