Quarter-final preview – Windsor Lancers

DT Ian Marouf stuffs a Windsor RB

DT Ian Marouf stuffs a Windsor RB

The OUA Q-final with Windsor will be a rematch of the Week 2 game in which Guelph squeaked out a 24-23 win. Guelph may have won by the slightest of margins but they did it in dramatic fashion. And no doubt crushed the hearts of many Windsor fans.

The Lancers had taken the lead in the middle of the 4th Q. They had held Guelph off the scoreboard on three subsequent drives. Then pinned the Gryphons back on their 9-yd line with only 1:01 left in the game. The Guelph offense, which had struggled all day, then executed a flawless drive. A combination of four short rushes and two long passes put the ball on the Windsor 10. Daniel Ferraro nailed the game-winning field goal with 3 seconds on the clock. It truly was a DRAMATIC victory and a HEARTBREAKING defeat.

While Jazz Lindsey and the offense may have orchestrated an amazing game-winning drive, the defense and special teams units were the real standouts on the day. And each scored a TD. You can read my post-game posts here, here and here.

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In my preview of the first game I wrote:

The difference in the game last year was Guelph’s domination of the line of scrimmage. I don’t see that changing this year so I don’t expect a different result. While Windsor has added some notable recruits at several skill positions I’m not aware of anything that makes me think they will be substantially better along the O-line or D-line.

On that I wasn’t completely correct. The Windsor D-Line was substantially better than they had been the previous year. In fact, the overall Lancer defense under new DC Donnovan Carter had improved. Our O-Line certainly had its struggles but has improved substantially since that game. Combining that with Rob Farquharson being healthy and I expect a much better performance Saturday from the offense, particularly in the run game.

My Thoughts: I think Windsor will be very hard-pressed to stay with the Gryphons in this game. QB Austin Kennedy is the key for the Lancers and I expect that DC Kevin MacNeill will have an effective game plan for him. And reports suggest that Kennedy isn’t 100% healthy. The Lancers have run much more effectively against some of their opponents than they did vs Guelph. I don’t see them having much success against our D on Saturday night.

As for the night game … I like it. It will be interesting. After 26 years without a night game being played a Alumni Stadium we are going to have the second one in a month. I’m still not sure whether I take in the first half of the double-header but I’m definitely looking forward to the tailgate. I’ve dug up a tailgate recipe from a southern college football blog that I look forward to trying out. [Note to Bruna: it is a meat & potato dish]

Getting back to football, Guelph has won the past two games versus Windsor and 5 of the last 6. I expect another Guelph victory. I wrote somewhere else I thought the chances of Windsor being able to pull off an upset about 1 in 10. The loss to Queen’s may have ended one winning streak [14 consecutive OUA regular season games] but I look for another to continue – i.e. Guelph’s home winning streak should reach 10 games.

Broadcast links:

Webcast – http://client.stretchinternet.com/client/guelph.portal#

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3 Responses to Quarter-final preview – Windsor Lancers

  1. I’ve not heard yet whether any of WR Dillon Dimitroff, CB Colin Mandich or Sam LB Mac Myers will play on Saturday.

  2. Bob from Burlington says:

    Peter. On paper- we should see Gryphons handle Windsor in a bounceback game from Guelph. Similarly- we should see Mac handling Ottawa with some ease. This will set up semifinal rematches in London and Kingston- the reverse of last year. Guelph does in fact match up well against Queen’s and McMaster has beaten Mustangs at TD Waterhouse several times in the last few years. During a Homecoming at Western a few years ago, Mac came out on fire in the second half and won handily after an alleged(but never confirmed by either team) half time chant by some jubilant Mustangs overheard in the next door dressing room.

    Net net- both Gaels and Mustangs secretly hoping for an upset this Saturday. Both Windsor and Ottawa are playing solid football these days- but my money is on Guelph and McMaster advancing after this next game.

  3. Birddawg says:

    Hi Peter, the offence looked slow in execution against Queens, and it wasn’t the grass field. In fact the offence was better last year than this year. Do you agree? Is there any hope for offensive improvement in the palyoffs? I wan’t Jazz to put this team on his back and carry them – its his time!

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