Next up … Playoff game vs Windsor

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splash page @

Guelph’s loss in Kingston this past weekend has dropped the Gryphons to the third seed in the OUA’s playoff format. The complete OUA playoff schedule is here. The Gryphons will host the sixth seeded Windsor Lancers in a quarter-final matchup on Saturday night at Alumni Stadium.

The unusual kickoff time, 8 pm Saturday, is necessary because the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will host the Montreal Alouettes in a 1 pm game. That offers plenty of logistical challenges. But a story in the Guelph Mercury tells us that planning for this possibility began months ago.

Bill Clausen, the University of Guelph’s facility manager, said since the beginning of the season the university knew it was a possibility both teams might end up playing on the same day. It was the Gryphons’ loss last Saturday to Queen’s that solidified the double-header at Alumni Stadium.

“We’ve been aware of it since the start of the year, and we talk about it and make sure that everybody’s aware that this is a special day,” he said, in a phone interview.

He said the set-up for the game will be much busier than it normally is, because there won’t be much time in between games. It will be a rush to get the Ticats’ branding out of the stadium and the Gryphon branding in. The press box will need be to be prepared, the stadium and the parking lots will have to be cleaned and the field will have to be made ready.

The full story: Hamilton Ticats and Guelph Gryphons prepare for double-header at Alumni Stadium.

A football double-header is not a common thing. I mean, it may happen at the high school level, but I can’t think of another example at the college/pro level. It certainly is a great opportunity for football fans. I’m still undecided as to whether I will attend both games. My dad has already said he’s in if I am. I definitely want to but I want to make sure my 8-yr old son gets to his first Gryphon game of the year. Seth is pretty good at handling late nights but I can’t see him being so good with a 12 hour marathon of football and tailgating.

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Tickets went on sale Monday. Adult tickets are $20 while childrens tickets are $5. These tickets are only available online or at the gate. You will find instructions for online purchases at the Gryphon box office. The site has this message about student tickets:

STUDENT tickets available at the Client Services desk of the WF Mitchell Athletic Centre ONLY
Starting Monday October 21st @ 4pm
Tickets $10, Must show valid Student ID

UofG & OAC grad Jeremy Parkinson already as his ticket and shared this photo on twitter

UofG & OAC grad Jeremy Parkinson already as his ticket and shared this photo on twitter – @parkinsonjeremy

*     *     *

By the way, on Monday I suggested that the Gryphons wouldn’t likely drop too far in the national rankings. Voters in most sports don’t punish an underdog too hard for a road loss.  Yesterday we saw the proof – Football Reporters of Canada – CIS Week #9

CIS Football Top 10

Pts (1st place) – Last week
1. Western (8-0) 290 (20) 1
2. Laval (7-0) 279 (10) 2
3. Calgary (7-0) 232 3
4. Queen’s (7-1) 211 5
5. Guelph (7-1) 173 4
6. Montreal (5-2) 154 6
7. Bishop’s (5-2) 110 8
8. McMaster (5-3) 87 9
9. Manitoba (4-3) 52 NR
10. Saskatchewan (4-3) 27 7

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