Quick thoughts on the loss in Kingston

With Queen's on the Guelph 5-yd line and threatening to score LB Curtis Newton sacked the Billy McPhee and forced a fumble. The play resulted in a 12 yard loss for the Gaels. Photo: Lou Toppan

With Queen’s on the Guelph 5-yd line and threatening to score LB Curtis Newton sacked Billy McPhee and forced a fumble. The play resulted in a 12 yard loss for the Gaels.
Photo: Lou Toppan

  • A loss is always going to be disappointing but if there is a silver lining – this was just a regular season game. While the goal of an undefeated season is lost Guelph still has lots to play for.
  • The goal always ought to be 8-0. That wasn’t even a realistic dream just a few years ago. The fact that a second consecutive 7-1 season is disappointing represents a huge change in the status to the Gryphon football program.
  • After a dominating drive by Queen’s to start the game [8 plays, 96 yards & a TD] and a series of 2 & outs by both teams, Guelph started to take control. Things were looking good for the Gryphons, up 16-7 for most of the 2nd Q. That was important as Queen’s looked almost unstoppable on that first drive. But just two drives later, after back-to-back TFLs by DE Cam Walker [one a 4-yd sack], our D forced Queen’s to concede a safety.
  • Momentum shifted significantly as Queen’s scored ten points in the last 52 seconds of the half. Queen’s had a nice drive for a TD followed up quickly by a 2 & out for the Gryphon O and a disastrous 21-yard punt coupled with a 9-yard return, and Guelph gifted 3 points [& the lead] to the Gaels.
  • Personally, while I’m disappointed by the loss I’m not really upset by it. Over the previous week I told many people who asked, that I really wondered about how many consecutive times Guelph could beat Queen’s. We had a 3-game winning streak against a team that likely had an overall talent advantage over us over that time. This year in particular Guelph is a considerably younger team than the Gaels. If we had pulled off another upset win over a more veteran team yesterday, could we have won for a fifth time in a row two weeks later? That was pushing the odds too far in my opinion.
  • Speaking of youth vs veteran squads, Guelph used three different freshman players at cornerback yesterday. True freshman, and blue chip recruit, Jadon Johnson got the first start of his career at field corner. Johnson made a big hit on the Queen’s QB. Redshirt freshman Mikey Carney started on the other side. But early in the game Carney shifted inside to a halfback spot and true freshman Orion Edwards played corner for the balance of the game. Sophomore Tristan Doughlin got his fifth or sixth consecutive start at safety. Getting the first start of his CIS career [IIRC] at Mac LB was veteran Vince Lonsdale. Playing alongside him a Will LB was sophomore Curtis Newton. Up front the d-line starters were all players in their third year of eligibility – rookie Ian Marouf and vets Jeff Finley, Cam Walker and Jordan Thompson.
  • The twelfth starter was Sam LB Mac Myers. Sam LB is a new position for Myers who is in his second year of eligibility. He started several games last season as a defensive halfback. Unfortunately Myers was hurt in the game. Speculation in the stands was that it was a separated shoulder. What really bothered me about the play was that he was flattened by a Queen’s receiver on an illegal hit. There was no penalty called but he was levelled ten yards downfield by a block before Queen’s even completed the pass back at the line of scrimmage.
  • Freshmen QB Alec Reid  and RB Brandon Gordon faced off against each other in the Scout Team game tonight at Alumni Stadium,

    Freshmen QB Alec Reid and RB Brandon Gordon faced off against each other in the Scout Team game tonight at Alumni Stadium,

    I’ll have more to say about the game tomorrow I hope. I also don’t want to waste any time starting to look at this Saturday’s quarter-final matchup at Guelph against the Windsor Lancers. Windsor finished 6th in the OUA with a 4-4 record after getting pummelled 45-15 in Ottawa by the GeeGees yesterday. The game will be played on Saturday night at 8 pm.

  • Another thing I definitely want to write about in coming days is today’s scout team game. I’ve seen some photos on Facebook but haven’t yet heard any details of the game which was played early this evening. I had hoped to make it there myself but my trip home from Kingston took a rather serendipitous route and 22 hours. I won’t be sharing any details but it had nothing to do with the bus ride. Speaking of the fan buses that brought fans and the Gryphon cheerleaders to the game in Kingston, while the vehicles may not have been luxurious it was great to have the option of not making the 4 hour drive on my own. Thanks!

*     *     *

Postgame interviews with three Queen’s players and the head coach.  Nothing controversial or particularly enlightening here but worth watching:

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2 Responses to Quick thoughts on the loss in Kingston

  1. John Mac says:

    Peter, while I understand your frustration, and of course no one wants to see any of these boys sustain a serious injury, any injury really, there was no penalty call on the block to Mac Myers because there was no infraction. You might want to carefully review the game tape and pause it as our QB releases the ball, at that point our receiver is doing exactly what he’s taught to do, that’s trying to block someone attempting to reach the ball carrier, ( this is called football ) it was a clean low block with the referee standing nearby. It was also a very quick play, hence easy to misinterpret, but I promise you there was absolutely no intent to injure. It was just rotten luck that Myers fell awkwardly as he seemed to be trying to remain upright. Take a look for yourself I think you might agree. Be that as it may, we hope your player makes a speedy recovery, these boys work so hard to get there it’s a shame when injuries take them out.

    • I hope you are right. It didn’t look like that to me, and others around me, but I have not seen replays of it. BTW I never suggested there was any intent to injure. I would be much more enraged about it if I had seen it repeated 3 or 4 times during the game as I did with the
      Ottawa GeeGees 3 or 4 years ago. Then you know that dirty tactics are being taught by coaches. That was not the case here.

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