Guelph @ Carleton – Live Blog

[Unbeknownst to me the first drive of the game was already complete when I tuned in at 7:05. Carleton got a FG on the opening drive. Add 3 for Carleton each time I quote the score.]

Kickoff. Guelph receives. A’dre Fraser takes it across centre field. No sound on the webcast – Darn!

Farquharson runs for a 1st on 1st. Raven player injured.

Jazz scarmbles for 15+ & another 1st down. Guelph at the 24. Jazz keeps it again for 7 or 8.

Field goal Guelph 3-0.

It will be 2 & out for the Ravens. Incomplete pass and 3 yard loss on a screen. Guelph starts again in Carleton territory.

Two 1st downs then Farq takes it in untouched from the about the 20. 10-0 Guelph!

Another CU drive doesn’t go far. Guelph has the ball on their 33. This field is not well marked!

James Ingram makes catch & picks up 1st. 1 yd gain on first, then long pass complete to Saxon L. Guelph ball on CU 48. Jazz runs for 3rd time picks up a few. Farq rips them for another 12 or 15 but loses the ball as he goes down. CU ball at the ?? can’t read any #s.

Ravens complete a pass for 1st. Close to midfld then lose a yd on 1st. QB Gorgichuk runs for a 1st. Wow! end of 1st Q already. CU at the Guelph 50. Guelph blitzes and get beat deep for a TD. 10-7 Guelph.

Gryphons start on their 29. Farq runs for 12 or 13. Plus a major Raven penalty. Gue across center field. Farq runs it down to the CU 1yd line. Coming back on a penalty. Still Farq is avg’g ove r10 yds a carry.

Mice punt by Ferraro and a big return but CU is penalized. Start at their 20. Gain little on a 1st down run. A draw only picks up a couple more. CU will punt.

A’dre Fraser runs a long way for a about 10yd gain on return. Guelph at their 53. Lose 3 yards on first down. Ravens get zero pressure on pass rush. Gue gains 10 on a pass but will still have to punt. Or fake?

They punted. CU ball at their 20. Two passes get Ravens out to 40. Followed up by two incomplete passes. Cu will punt. Nice return for 15+ by Fraser on the short side. Gue ball at CU 50. A Farq run for 5 then a pass to Saxon for 15. Charette to the CU 13. Saxon pulls one down at the 1yd line. Guelph is executing on O. Ravens buy Jazz’s fake and 3 guys hit Farq … Jazz runs it in untouched. 17-7 Guelph.

Carleton player in backfield as Farq takes hand off but he steps out of tackle. Jazz scrambles but doesn’t find receiver or gain yards. Gryphons will punt.

Carleton 2 & out. Poor snap on punt. Short punt returned for a TD by Andrew Graham. 24-7 Guelph.

Carleton will start at their 18. Incomplete pass on 1st. 15-yd completion for a 1st. Carleton seems to realize they can’t run on Guelph. Another pass completion. What we haven’t seen so far IIRC is a sack. CU doing a decent job of pass protection.

Guelph is at their 30, waiting for a measure. First down Guelph. Dillon Dimitroff catches one for 14, then Charette for 7 yds. Trivieri makes a catch across midfield, slips 2 tacklers. Half is over. That has to be one of the fastest halves I’ve ever watched.

*     *     *

2nd Half – I lost the field for a while but when it came back up I had sound. Cool!

31-10 Guelph  – Farq is tearing them up. Carleton has a nice drive of their own going. Ravens have a 1st down at the 1 but take a procedure penalty. Gue gives it back to them with a  pass interference penalty that I didn’t see. Wish they had replays. CUfumbles snap. 2nd & goal at the 2. ravens going for it on 3rd & goal. Pass broken up by Tristan Douhglin.

Not sure what happened there but looks like Luke Nangle was in at QB. Gryphons give up a safety. 31-12 Guelph.

Ravens gain a 1st down on a rare successful run. Now its 3rd & 6 after a short pass completion and a loss on a run. Fraser does a nice job to keep his options alive and pick up ten on punt return.

Johnny Augustine gains 10 on 1st. Loses one. Jazz pass complete but out of bounds. Ravens rough the passer after the throw. Augustine picks up 9 then 15. Long pass incomplete. Saxon gets 1st down at 14. Jazz is hit in the backfield and loses ball. Carleton recovers.

2 & out for the Ravens. Nice punt. short return. End of 3rd Q.

Guelph goes 2 & out. Short punt. Ravens have ball at their 43. First down on a pass.

Orion Edwards picks off a pass. Carleton penalized for Roughing. On 2nd down Jazz picks up 1st down on a sneak. Ravens flagged for roughing again. Two plays later Guelph FG makes it 34-12.

Ravens still can’t run the ball on our D. Incomplete pass. Punt. Huge return by A’dre Fraser. Guelph ball at the CU 28. Jazz picked at the 12.

CU completes a long pass. Gains 6 yds on 1st down run. Their 2nd longest run of the day if I’m not mistaken. Orion Edwards almost has a pick six. CU fake punt doesn’t work. It’ll be Gue ball on the Carleton side of the field. raven player hurt.

6:46 left in the 4th acc. to announcer. Gue starts at CU 54 and lose 3 yds. Nangele completes a 17 yd pass to Keith Walker. Bryson Dobush picks up a big gain. And a bunch more on the next play. CU player has his helmet knocked off on the tackle but holding brings play back. Long pass near goal-line incomplete. 32 yd TD to Dimitroff. Roughing the passer penalty declined.

Roughing the passer penalty is actually applied on the kickoff. Oh no! Video feed has frozen.

Guelph INT by freshman LB Derek Drouillard. Ravens can’t stop the run. 1st down on CU 14. Nangle pass to Fraser in the EZ incomplete. TD Saxon Lindsey. 48-12 Guelph.

On 2nd down Raven receiver not willing to pay the price. Pass incomplete. 25 yard play for CU. LOL Ravens now run for a 1st down – 11 yd gain. Ravens run for 2.5 yds on 1st. Gorgichuk sacked for 3 yd loss. Holding on Carleton. Game can’t end on a penalty but Guelph declines.

Final score 48-12.

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  1. Ana Lusia says:

    We are the parents from Victoria we have a hard time to watch the game . The screen is not clear, we can’t see our kids .However I rushed home to watch the game ,and is not working.We hope you can find a better system .Thank you for doing this for everyone.

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