Recruiting for 2014 off to a roaring start

The first members of Guelph's 2014 Recruiting Class #52 Drew Walden, #25 Nick Parisotto, HC Stu Lang, #15 James Roberts, #3 Malik Richards, #51 Luke Korol

The first members of Guelph’s 2014 Recruiting Class
#52 Drew Walden, #25 Nick Parisotto, HC Stu Lang, #15 James Roberts, #3 Malik Richards, #51 Luke Korol

In a reversal of last year’s recruiting process when Guelph held their cards close to the vest and waited until April to make their official announcements, the Gryphons began introducing their recruits at last month’s Homecoming Game. But that wasn’t the end of it. Guelph recruiters had a number of very impressive prospects in for game-day visits. From what I heard they garnered several more commitments. They repeated that process at the Friday Night Lights game vs York.

Just as there were tactical reasons for holding off announcements last year, there are tactical reasons for beginning to sign and announce 2014 recruits early this year. Chief among them is having a group of top quality recruits to announce. Of the six prospects to sign a Letter of Intent [LOI] and be introduced at the September 21 game, five were members of Team Ontario. But it’s the sixth name that may be most familiar to Gryphon fans.

Tough running QB Job Reinhart lowers the boom on defender

Tough running QB Job Reinhart lowers the boom on defender

Job Reinhart, a 6′ 190lb quarterback at GCVI and the younger brother of former Gryphon captain Jake Reinhart, has committed to Guelph. The elder Reinhart was Guelph’s Defensive MVP in 2011. But Job has proven himself a formidable athlete on his own. Besides his role with the Green Gaels of Guelph Collegiate [2012 record 6-3, 2nd in Div 10] Reinhart has played quarterback for the Guelph Bears in the OFC Varsity league and previously in the OVFL. The Bears, of which Reinhart was a team captain, posted a 4-4 record and made the playoffs in their inaugural OFC season.

The other five players to sign last month were DB Nick Parisotto, WR Malik Richards, QB James Roberts, LB Drew Walden and LB Luke Korol. As mentioned above these five all have some Team Ontario experience. The trio of Parisotto, Roberts and Walden, played for Team Ontario West in 2011 & 2012, plus the Team Ontario Selects squad that played in Austin TX back in February. Richards was a member of the Team O West squad that won a bronze medal in 2012. Korol earned a spot on the Team O Selects and played in Texas with three of his future teammates.

You can find my up-to-date list of 2014 recruits here.

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What others are saying:

Three of Guelph’s initial recruits are ranked among Canada’s Top 100 high school prospects in the class of 2014 according to Canada Football Chat – Parisotto, Richards and Walden.

Ron Dias of All Canada Gridiron wrote this:

No question U of Guelph’s recruiting machine is once again in high gear. The Gryphs have landed five top recruits already for the Class of 2014, including four recent GHR Current Star participants.

They include LBs Drew Walden (2012), Luke Korol (2013), DB Nick Parisotto (2012) and Jacob Hespeler’s top flight QB James Roberts (2013).

CityNews of Toronto named Malik Richards Player of the Week [Sept 19] for a 3 touchdown effort. TV video report with highlights >  High School football report – Sept-19-2013/

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