Quick thoughts on the win over York

4th Q goal-line stand versus York Photo: Rashaad Bhamjee

4th Q goal-line stand versus York
Photo: Rashaad Bhamjee

I enjoyed this game. It was far from a perfect effort but it was still a satisfying win. While the Gryphons left some points on the field, the final score of 33-7 adequately reflected Guelph’s domination.

  • The most memorable event of the game — an incredible 6-play goal-line stand in the 4th Q. York, the top rushing team in the OUA, had it 1st & goal on the Guelph 1-yd line. The Gryphon D stuffed York on three consecutive plays but were penalized on the 3rd play granting York another 1st & goal on the one. The Gryphon defense stuffed three more rushing attempts forcing York to turn it over on downs at the Guelph 3-yd line. It was an unbelievable effort.
  • #96 Donnie Egerter drops Lions QB Photo: Lou Toppan

    #96 Donnie Egerter drops Lions QB
    Photo: Lou Toppan

    The Guelph D did it without the two most important players in the middle of their front 7 as Jeff Finley and John Rush watched the game from the sideline in street clothes. Redshirt freshman & special forces phenom Andrew Graham started in place of Rush at Mac LB while sophomore DT Donnie Egerter picked up many of Finley’s snaps. Returning for his first game of the 2013 season DT Zack Mallough rotated in to provide additional depth.

  • We also got a solid game from the offense though penalties did hurt the flow. I don’t even need to check back to know that 518 yards was best output of 2013. Jazz passed for 296 yards and had a couple of nice runs. Robby Farquharson piled up 129 yards. The longest run of his career [approx. 50yds] was brought back on a penalty. With Daniel MacDonald still not playing at the FB spot [he did long snap] coaches continue to make use of Matt Toppan as a blocking TE.
  • The returns of Alex Charette were again very impressive – 9 total for 144 yards. York started kicking away from Charette and DB Ryan Nieuwesteeg showed why he had been such a highly regarded high school RB with two returns for 31 yards. And we finally saw a fake punt executed with great success.
  • This win raises Guelph’s season record to 6-0 and was the 13th consecutive regular season victory for the Gryphons.
  • Twice last night I made playcall predictions/suggestions. [Ed Szela, Doug Dobush & Randy Dimitroff all heard these.] First, in the 2nd Q with Guelph about to punt from the York 41-yd line I said this would be a perfect situation for a fake … Upback Mikey Carney takes the snap and runs around the right end for a 31 yard gain. Second, with only 3 minutes left in the game and Guelph on their own 3-yd line I told Randy D to watch for a pass to his son for a 105 yard touchdown … Jazz Lindsey dropped back, made a nice pump fake and hit a wide open Dillon Dimitroff who took it 92 yards to the York 15-yd line. Dimitroff would likely have scored but the hamstring that kept him out of the Waterloo game tightened up on him and his speed noticeable dropped after about 70 yards.
  • There was a nice size crowd of 3600. Most were in the main stadium with 300 to 400 in the eastside stands. It appeared almost all of the “private boxes” atop the east side hill had been rented out. One of those boxes hosted the wedding party of Adam Dunk and Marya Morrison who are being married today. Dunk and Morrison received a huge round of applause when they were shown on the giant video board.
  • The whole night game experience was fun though it didn’t appear like the Dept of Athletics did anything extra to add to the game experience. I really thought they might have taken a page from the Univ of Saskatchewan’s book and done something with a light show or fireworks. Mind you, that stuff is the sizzle that turns a game into a spectacle and is more about building attendance than the product on the field.
  • One drawback of a 7 pm start time on a Friday is it does limit the pregame tailgating time. There was a good-sized crowd in the parking lot north of the stadium with most arriving between 5 & 6 pm. But that is not a lot of time when people want to start heading to the stadium around 6:30. A Saturday night game would be perfect from a tailgating perspective. A big thanks to the Parents-of-Players people who do most of the work behind the event – Lori & Carl Wilhelm, Chris & Randy Gerrie, Bruna Ferraro & Sherilyn Walker.
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3 Responses to Quick thoughts on the win over York

  1. Tony Reis says:

    Gotta love those goal line stands!!! Can’t loose if they don’t score. Awesome work boys…, Reminiscent of ’84, Defensive Pride!!! So proud of all of you.

  2. j says:

    Interesting stat to understand … Guelph defense is ranked #1 in OUA for average points against … 19 of top 50 defensive players in Canada are OUA and not one is from Guelph. That spells teamwork and coaching discipline. Rush and Finley were out for this game and York has a decent offense (#3 in Canada rushing although they’re low in converting to points) yet this defense still played big in the red zone (a couple of “coulda done better” mid-field lapses) and pulled off an incredible 6 consecutive play goal line stand. To the fans, it was exciting but with a bit of a “who cares” given the broader game perspective. But from a player standpoint, that didn’t factor in … York wanted score … Guelph wanted more. Again, it’s about the character of the defense.

    That said, what’s happening with the offensive team discipline; especially, penalties? We’re near the bottom of the CIS and although stats don’t separate offense and defense, am I right to think that at least 3/4 of the penalties are offense or special team blocking with a high percentage of 10 and 15 yarders … holding … illegal blocks … personal fouls … ? Any stats on that? Is it spread out or are there one or two guys who need a couple of tender loving “get your head on” nudges from the coaches and team leaders?

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