Random thoughts on Homecoming – Preview part 3

Homecoming Eve at Alumni StadiumI am expecting a Guelph victory tomorrow. The Gryphons seemed to be favoured by most who follow CIS football. All three of SportsEh’s experts are picking Guelph – CIS PICK EM’S: WEEK 5. So there is sort of a reversal of roles here with the Marauders in a new role as underdogs. In some ways that shifts the pressure and burden of expectations onto Guelph. It is the Gryphons who have a 10 game OUA regular season winning streak, plus their perfect 7-0 record on the new turf. I think this team is very capable of handling that.

Guelph will have to be “at the top of their game”. This Marauder team in spite of their personnel losses and 2-2 record is quite capable of winning. I believe our defense is very well suited to handle Mac’s O. I just hope that we see more of what we saw last week from the Gryphon O. If I am right, that our offensive struggles in weeks 1 & 2 had more to do with the O-Line needing time to gel than anything else, then I think we are in pretty good shape as I liked the progress I saw last week. 4 of 5 OLs either didn’t play in 2012 or are in new positions. Add in the return of Rob Farquharson and I am hoping for a very good game.

*     *     *

Whether or not the attendance reaches the 13,000 mark for today’s game may depend on the weather.  It would only be symbolic but it certainly would be nice if the crowd could exceed 13,128, the high water mark for Ticat attendance thus far in 2013. Regardless it will be a new record for Gryphon football. So far as I know the current record is 10,000 – a figure reached by the Homecoming Games in 2010 & 2011, the 2007 Yates Cup and several other playoff games in the 1980s.

I like the headline from a University of Guelph press release earlier this week – Gryphons 2013 Homecoming Game Set to be Biggest Ever . Some of the highlights …

Stu Lang, now in his fourth season as head coach, said: “Homecoming is not only inspirational for our players but it is the best day for our interested recruits to experience Guelph’s passionate and supportive fans. We are excited to be playing this year in front of what may be our biggest home crowd ever.”

This year the team hopes to fill the stadium, which seats approximately 13,000, with the seating added for this season’s home games of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Tickets are nearly sold out, with only a small selection of adult tickets remaining.

*     *     *

Mac logoWhile McMaster University seems to go out of its way to discourage tailgating on their own Hamilton campus Marauder fans are going to get to do a little tomorrow. The University of Guelph has allowed Mac fans to use parking lot P15 for a pregame party. Several busloads of McMaster students will also be heading up Highway 6. I certainly hope that the UofG Campus Police treat the visitors better than the harassment that was inflicted on Guelph fans at the Yates Cup tailgate last season. After all this will likely be the biggest OUA game [in terms of attendance] most of these Mac students will ever attend so welcome them to Guelph and make them feel at home. Of course, make sure you drown them out when it comes time to cheer. Hopefully they go home saying “No more cowbell!!”.

*     *     *

If you are in Alumni Stadium tomorrow you won’t have a chance to see this Sportsnet 360 feature on the Lindsey brothers. It will be part of SN 360’s national broadcast. Check it out!

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One Response to Random thoughts on Homecoming – Preview part 3

  1. I finished this post at 5 a.m. then had an alarm clock misfunction. It’s still raining but due to stop at any moment. A friend just called me wondering if she could still come and could I get her 3 tickets. So I am running late and already damp from a couple of trips out to the car. But I couldn’t be more pumped for today’s game

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