Last minute links & gameday thoughts – Aug 25/13

Last month I welcomed the addition of SportsEh to the CIS media market. They have added greatly to the coverage of CIS football as well as other sports. If you have read many of their articles you will know they’ve had some growing pains and as mostly young writers learn to master their subject matter. Yesterday SportsEh published their team profile of the Gryphons, with accompanying video, and they are top notch. And a sign that SportsEh is getting it right. I would suggest this is a must read for Guelph fans – Can the Gryphons build on last year’s magical run.

*     *     *

Alastair Summerlee speaking at last night's team dinner

Alastair Summerlee speaking at last night’s team dinner

The team meal the night before the game has become a tradition at Guelph. Coach Lang always has a full program planned that includes team veterans and usually a guest speaker. Lang’s called on former CFL players, Gryphon alumni and an NFL General Manager to speak to the team. I’m glad to see that University of Guelph President Alastair Summerlee, always a supporter of the program, took to the microphone to speak to the team. It’s only fitting given how much the football program and the stadium renovations have done to raise the profile of the University.

I’ve got more to say on the subject but taking the time to do it now will only make me late for the tailgate party.

*     *     *

Because of time constraints I’m just going to close this post out with a promo video from the OUA. Lots of Guelph footage! It begins with a shot in the Gryphons Lair.

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