Another Mercury story … plus lots of notes on the roster

The Mercury publishes their fifth story on the Gryphons this week. It focuses on QB Jazz Lindsey but closes with lots of details on the roster.

Jazz Lindsey at 2013 training camp Photo: Rob Massey

Jazz Lindsey at 2013 training camp
Photo: Rob Massey

 All the preparation is finished, now it’s time for the OUA football season to begin.

“It’s always the most exciting one for sure,” Guelph Gryphon quarterback Jazz Lindsey said of the season opener. “It toes the line between exciting and nerve wracking. It’s the first time getting on the field against another opponent. Especially for the rookies, it’s probably more nerve wracking than exciting. For most of the veterans, everyone on the team, we’re just excited to go out and play this year.”

Rob Massey also speaks to Head Coach Stu Lang:

Last season’s performance left the Gryphs wanting more this season.

“The players have higher expectations,” Lang said. “Ever since the coaching staff got here, we wanted to create a culture of success and you can’t just talk about it, you have to experience it. Last year they got a taste of success and I think they just want to go a couple of steps farther.”

Read the full story – Gryphs jazzed up for new season

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