Thoughts going into today’s scrimmage

  • Stu Lang arranged for the Gryphons to play out-of-conference preseason games in each of his first three years. Guelph travelled to Montreal to face Concordia in 2010, hosted ConU the following year, then flew to Saskatchewan to face the Huskies last season. I have no doubt that scrimmaging against a conference opponent is not ideal from his perspective.

    Coach Stu Lang with NFL legend Mike Singletary

    Coach Stu Lang with NFL legend Mike Singletary

  • I know for a fact that Coach Lang contacted the Laval Rouge et Or a year and a half ago to try to arrange a preseason matchup for this month. It may have happened if not for the rearranged schedule and early start to the season to accommodate the revived Carleton Ravens.
  • A controlled scrimmage won’t be as much fun for the fans as a real game but it will serve important purposes. It will get some young players some experience against a CIS foe. It will generate some film that can be studied both for teaching and correcting individuals. The film will also aid in evaluating players. The training camp phase of preseason practice is essentially over after today. So lots of decisions need to be made. A solid performance today could make the difference for some of the first and second guys between making the dress roster and being assigned to the scout team.oua
  • I absolutely think that having training camp start just ten days before the first game is no good for OUA football. I understand the reasons but I certainly hope they come up with a better solution before next season. The normal 14 day camp was already shorter than what the CanWest and Quebec conferences have – 17 days and 21 days. It is really unfair to new players. More can be taught in the early days of training camp when you have the complete attention of your players than once classes start and you are dramatically limited in how much you can impose on them.
  • Since this scrimmage is largely about evaluating players look for some of the established guys to be held out or see very little action. On that list I would expect to see Jazz Lindsey, Rob Farquharson, John Rush and a few other vets who really don’t need to prove anything. Hopefully that means we will be able to see lots of freshmen and redshirt freshmen in action. I am especially excited about watching the young RBs and the D-Line.
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