Footage from a Ticat game at Alumni

Based on the date – July 7 – I’m guessing the video below has to have come from the Ticats game against the Eskimos. That one was a disappointing 30-20 loss in a game that involved some torrential downpours. I listened to most of that game on 900 CHML while driving back from a cottage weekend. I did make it home in time to catch the 4th Q on TSN.  I don’t recall hearing anything about this incident on either broadcast. I’d hate to think something like this would happen at a soldout Homecoming Game  😀

A much better version of the incident can be found here. Again, it’s always good coverage when it shows off our field, our logo and our unique, checkerboard end-zones.

*     *     *

From a Guelph Mercury article about that game, that I didn’t see until just this past weekend:

… club president Scott Mitchell said the field held up very well, even after being assailed with massive amounts of rain during the game, which 12,600 fans took in. Some of those fans reported being wetter than they had ever been.

“Overall, I don’t think you could have expected the field to do much more,” said Mitchell. “It was kind of unprecedented the amount of rain that fell and the field held up extremely well.”

He said it is up to the game’s officials to decide if the playing surface is safe for the players, and on Sunday, despite the torrential downpour, those officiating determined that it was.

“Our players have really been impressed with it when they practiced on it and worked out on it, so I think from the outset it was well-regarded,” Mitchell said, adding that the University of Guelph did an outstanding job in selecting the turf and ensuring that it has an effective drainage system.

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