Random Sunday thoughts + links – Aug 11/13

Newly hired head coach - Kyle Walters 2006 Photo: Dave Carter, Guelph Mercury

Newly hired head coach – Kyle Walters 2006
Photo: Dave Carter, Guelph Mercury

As the headline says Blue Bombers clean house in front office, fire GM Joe Mack. The new man in charge is former Bomber special teams player and successful businessman Wade Miller. While the article says “Miller said he has spoken with head coach Tim Burke but hasn’t yet met with assistant GM Kyle Walters, who was out of the office Friday” it has since been announced that Kyle Walters is the new acting General Manager of the Blue Bombers.

While it may appear that Walters is a little too new in his role of Assistant GM to be considered for the permanent job, you never know. Taking over as acting GM will certainly broaden his experience very quickly. Hopefully he has time to prove himself. At a minimum I would think his position as the man in charge of Canadian scouting and drafting is secure as I can’t imagine the Bombers wanting to add to their turmoil.

*     *     *

Training camp is just three days away. The scrimmage with Western is one week today. And the season opener is two weeks today.

FINALLY! This past week the Department of Athletics has made home game tickets available for sale. Well, at least for the three games other than Homecoming – WLU, Windsor & York. Ordering is done through the Tiger-Cats Ticketmaster site –> buy Gryphon tickets. Use the password: GRYPHONS.

In the past few days Gryphon players and recruits have been flooding into the Royal City. Dillon Dimitroff will be in Guelph today after three weeks working at the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL training camp. Luke Nangle is finished his internship with the Hamilton Ticats. Alberta recruit Bryson Dobush flew to Ontario Friday. Many freshman have already posted their good byes to family and friends on Facebook.

While players don’t formally begin training camp until Wednesday, and practices don’t start ’til Thursday, there is plenty going on. Many of the players will be part of the coaching staff for the Elite High School Football Camp which got underway today. Team captains are also running workouts and setting up meetings among position groups.

Alan Florez #52 Photo: Wm. Vanderland

Alan Florez #52
Photo: Wm. Vanderland

I have not heard anything official but two recruits who may not be fully participating in training camp are Eric Denis and Alan Florez. They are members of the OVFL Adam Conference Varsity Champion Niagara Spears squad. The Spears defeated Essex last night in Windsor to advance to the league championship for the first time in eight years. Denis plays LT while Florez is their Mac LB. The OVFL Championship game is Saturday, Aug 17 @ Kiwanis Field in St Catharines.

*     *     *

I wrote yesterday … SportsEh! has produced previews on every team in the OUA except for last year’s Yates Cup finalists – Guelph and McMaster. I imagine this is a case of ”saving the best for last”. I fully expect to see them any day now.

Well that didn’t take long! SportsEh!’s Guelph preview – Gryphons looking for vengeance and a trip back to the Yates Cup and McMaster preview – New faces, same results for the Marauders.

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