Recruit profile: Jordon Bell

Photo: Kyle Rodriguez,

Photo: Kyle Rodriguez,

Biographical Data:  5’11” 200 – Richview Collegiate [Etobicoke, ON] & OVFL’s Etobicoke Eagles. Jordon is the twin brother of DB recruit Jailon Bell.

Position:  LB – A defensive end and offensive guard in high school Bell will compete for a linebacker position at Guelph. Already well-stocked at the DE position Gryphon coaches weren’t in the market for an undersized DE. But they were impressed enough with Bell’s athleticism, attitude and character to make the LB offer.

Honours & Stats:  To his credit Bell has embraced the challenge of changing positions and worked hard to shed 20 lbs. This spring he immediately went out and earned a spot on the GTA All Star team as a LB. He put up impressive numbers in an injury-shortened OVFL campaign. Had he maintained those numbers over the full 2013 season he would have finished #2 in the league’s defensive stats. In 2011 Bell’s Richview team won the Toronto City Championship. In 2010 he was an OVFL All Star and his team’s Offensive MVP. He also received the OVFL Eagles’ Taylor Whitney Award.

My Take:  I have yet to meet Jordon Bell but I already love this kid. Many people would probably underestimate the amount of hard work and mental toughness it would take to embrace the position change the way Jordon has. For me, his wholehearted commitment and immediate success say a lot about his character as well as his physical abilities.

His video highlights show a very aggressive player who stands his ground and frequently fights off multiple blocks to make tackles. He appears to possess plenty of football smarts – seemingly knows where the play is going and also recognizes and breaks up several screen passes.

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