NFL to support Canadian Universities

Excerpts from: NFL to support Canadian Universities.

The NFL is visiting nine university campuses in Ontario and Quebec this fall to support and celebrate Canadian University (CIS) football.

Each NFL on Campus visit includes interactive NFL-themed experiences for students and fans leading up to and during one of the school’s home football games.

“We are proud to support amateur football, and to help Canadian university programs  raise their profile on campus,” said Dan Quinn, Managing Director, NFL Canada. “As proven by the growing number of players drafted and signed to NFL contracts each year, the quality of Canadian university competition has never been higher.”

The visits also include a $4,000 donation to the intercollegiate football program at each school.

Week 6 (Friday October 4, 7:00 p.m.): York at GUELPH –      night game

“The NFL on Campus experience provides the community and students a fan-friendly atmosphere that raises the level of excitement of our home football game,” said Dave Easter, Manager of Marketing & Communications, Department of Athletics, University of Guelph. “The generous support for our intramural football program during the NFL’s time on campus is also a real enhancement. We are excited to have the NFL return to our campus Oct 4 for our first night game in over 20 years.”

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