Late July Sunday thoughts

We are almost there. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!! Football season is almost upon us.

The season opener against the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks is only four weeks away. Between now and then … the Friends of Gryphon Football’s Annual Golf Tournament tees off on Aug 9, Guelph’s Elite High School Football Camp runs from Aug 11 to 13, players report to training camp on Aug 14 and the team will scrimmage in London with the Western Mustangs on Aug 18. I can’t wait to get it started!

On a discouraging note, I checked once again to see if the Gryphon Box Office was selling 2013 football tickets yet. Unfortunately, EVERY time I clicked on <Box Office> it dumped me back on the homepage. What the heck is with that?

*     *     *

Ticats 2103 logo on Guelph checkerboardI watched much of last night’s Tiger-Cat VS Roughrider game on TSN. No matter how many times I see them I still love it when I see the Gryphon logo at center field and the checkerboard endzones. Congrats and thanks to the committee who chose those designs for the new turf field in Alumni Stadium.[HC Stu Lang and FoGF Prez Randy Dimitroff were two members of the committee.] They must have intuitively understood the importance of symbols like that in branding the University of Guelph and the Gryphon football program. Just my personal opinion but McGill, McMaster, UofT and Western don’t get nearly as much from their more mundane designs.

If you didn’t catch the game just check out these highlights from to see what I mean: Recap: Saskatchewan 32, Hamilton 20.

*     *     *

In their first season in the OFC the Guelph Bears Varsity squad made the playoffs with a 4-4 record but were the unfortunate recipients of a playoff matchup with the 8-0 Hamilton Hurricanes. That didn’t end so well. There were several future Gryphons on the Bears squad as well as some Gryphon connections on the coaching staff – Mark Durigon and Matt Nesbitt among them.

Recruiter Mark Antonelli talking to a top prospect

Recruiter Mark Antonelli talking to a top prospect

On a more positive note the Niagara JV Spears under rookie HC Mark Antonelli and OC Nick Woehl posted a 5-3 record and advanced to the conference semis with a win in the wildcard game. Likewise, the OFC Burlington Stampeders Varsity under 1st year HC Adam Grandy posted a 6-2 record , then knocked off the KW Predators in their 1st round playoff matchup, thus avenging one of their regular season losses.

I stopped in to see the first round OVFL playoff game in Mississauga between the Warriors and the Etobicoke Eagles. In part I was there to see Gryphon recruits Brandon Gordon, Mark Horta, Shaq Munroe, and Jordon and Jailon Bell. Mississauga won but a downpour as the game concluded kept me from meeting up with those recruits. There were several other top priority prospects for 2014 playing in that game.

*     *     *

It would be hard not to notice that I have started “cranking out” profiles of the members of the 2013 recruiting class. There have been a few additions and deletions since the announcements back in the spring. You can find what I believe is an up-to-date list here. So far I have added links to ten players that I have written more complete profiles for. I hope to cover the entire class before the start of training camp. I continue to believe that this is another excellent recruiting class that went a long way to meet the programs needs for the future.

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