Elite High School Football Camp

2013 Football Camp 2This time last year I shared the 2012 version of the brochure for the Gryphon Football Elite High School Camp without any comment. This time around I have a few thoughts I want to share.

First off, I really like that Head Coach Stu Lang takes this seriously. I believe that Lang realizes that running a top notch camp is an important part of a complete program. It is “giving back” and “reaching out” at the same.

Second, as director of the camp DC Kevin MacNeill deserves congratulations for what he has done with it the past two years. There were 120 participants last year. He has support at camp from the entire Gryphon coaching staff and he uses current Gryphon players to do much of the coaching.

Some of the growth in numbers is a result of the camp drawing high school players from greater distances. Quality coaching and some of the best football facilities in the CIS should make continued growth possible.

Several members of the Gryphons’ 2013 recruiting class were participants at the 2012 camp including two Team Ontario stars – Jadon Johnson [Brampton] and Derek Drouillard [London].

With the cost of registration only $50 it is an excellent value. Any questions about the camp should be directed to Coach MacNeill at macneilk@uoguelph.ca

2013 Football Camp

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