Follow-up news with some links – Mar 16

Cam Thorn works on o-line techniquesPhoto: Rob Massey/Guelph Mercury

Cam Thorn works on o-line techniques
Photo: Rob Massey/Guelph Mercury

A week ago today I wrote … I heard this week, and it comes as no surprise, that CFL teams are primarily looking at Thorn as an offensive lineman. OL Coach Mike MacDonald told me recently that the 6’5″ 300lb Thorn has the athleticism to have been an All-Canadian offensive tackle if that had been his chosen position. For what its worth former OC Perry Marchese or previous OL Coach Carl Tolmie, I don’t remember which, told me similiar things back when Thorn was just a sophomore.

Now today’s Mercury has a story on Cam Thorn’s transition from d-line to o-line.

The switch to the offensive line is designed to give Thorn his best shot at playing professionally.

“That was his choice and the CFL scouts’ choice as well,” Gryphon head coach Stu Lang said. “I think we all know that one of the best opportunities for a Canadian to get to the CFL is through the offensive line. He obviously has the size and good footwork, but it’s just getting to know the other side of the ball where he’s never played before.”

“I’ve been doing it for about two months and I’ve been making great progress working every day with coaches,” he said. “I think I can go in there and compete for sure — I know I can go in there and compete for sure.”

Thorn is listed as six-foot-five and 290 pounds on the Gryphon website, but he worked on bulking up since the Yates Cup loss at Hamilton.

“I’ve bulked up a lot,” he said. “I’ve been in the weight room five or six times a week, working with trainers getting ready for the combine testing.”

Read the full story here.

*     *     *

And back on December 9 of last year I made mention of the sanctions that the OUA was going to level against Guelph and Coach Lang for the use of a walkie-talkie during the road game at York U. The most disturbing thing about the incident was the severity of the punishment for such a seemingly minor infraction – a one game suspension for Coach Lang among other things.

Well now we have the good news that an Appeals Panel has thrown out the judgement and the sanctions. In fact, the ruling of the Panel made it very clear that the original investigation and hearing had been bungled and unfair to Coach Lang.

Some highlights from the ruling:

The Panel concludes that the words of OUA Football Rule 6.8.1 supports Mr. Lang’s interpretation.

The Panel recognizes Mr. Lang as a person with a deep commitment to the sport of football and as a person of honesty and integrity. This remains undisturbed and unblemished.

The Panel voids the decision of the Disciplinary Panel. In so doing, any penalty against Mr. Lang must be removed.

Here is the Guelph Mercury story – Gryphon football coach Lang has suspension overturned and the OUA’s press release OUA APPEALS PANEL ABSOLVES GUELPH FOOTBALL COACH OF RULES VIOLATION

I’m sure that UofG Athletic Director Tom Kendall is embarassed for having thrown his innocent coach under the bus   relieved that this issue has been resolved in a very satifactory manner.

*     *     *

Finally, earlier this week when I wrote of the Gryphon Cheerleaders’ great accomplishments at the Cheer Evolution Canadian Nationals – double gold medals – I made mention of their trip to a competition in Myrtle Beach, SC. Well, they have done it again!

Both the all girl and coed teams took gold medals with first place finishes in the Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM competition. Neither of the other Canadian squads in the competition – York and McMaster – placed in the top 3 of their categories. This is a crowning achievement on an undefeated season for the Gryphon cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders sporting gold medals

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One Response to Follow-up news with some links – Mar 16

  1. cflsteve says:

    At 300 LBS he is better suited to be an OLineman in the CFL. If he were to play on the interior Oline he will most likely find a roster of PR spot for sure but if he has the potential to play OT he will be more sought after for sure as Canadian RTs are becoming a great commodity to have on a CFL roster.

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