CFL wants to Jazz up E-Camp

From yesterday’s Guelph Mercury:

QB Lindsey throwing in the Gryphon FieldhousePhoto: Rob Massey

QB Lindsey throwing in the Gryphon Fieldhouse
Photo: Rob Massey

It’s not his draft year, but Guelph Gryphons quarterback Jazz Lindsey will be throwing at the Canadian Football League’s evaluation camp in Toronto later this month.

“I got news of that earlier this week,” Lindsey said after the Gryphs’ weekly session Friday at the Gryphon Field House. “Coach (Stu Lang) came in and told me that they asked for me to come in as a guest thrower. I believe I get to do the one-on-one stuff.”

Lindsey, who is not eligible for this year’s draft, will be at the combine to throw to receivers who will be strutting their stuff for all the CFL coaches and scouts.

Read the full story – Gryphon quarterback to throw at CFL evaluation camp – for quotes from QB Coach John Engel and Jazz himself.

This is extremely good news for Jazz. It gives him exposure and helps his development. And it says something about the appreciation that people already have for his talent. The real invitation I would like to see Jazz receive is an opportunity to participate in a CFL training camp as a non-roster player. That would be an even bigger boost to his development that would pay dividends in his CIS play. Throwing at E-camp may help to open that door.

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Lindsey will join teammate Cam Thorn at the CFL Evaluation Camp. As I wrote a while back Thorn was invited as a draft eligible player and will go through the complete evaluation process at the two-day camp. I heard this week, and it comes as no surprise, that CFL teams are primarily looking at Thorn as an offensive lineman. OL Coach Mike MacDonald told me recently that the 6’5″ 300lb Thorn has the athleticism to have been an All-Canadian offensive tackle if that had been his chosen position. Thorn has been a fixture in the interior of the Gryphon D-line since his freshman season. He was the team’s 2009 Freshman of the Year.

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One Response to CFL wants to Jazz up E-Camp

  1. cflsteve says:

    E-Camp will need some arms in this years E-Camp. aside from Myles Gibbon at York and maybe that kid from Hawaii Im not sure if there are any other draft eligible QBs in the CIS. another piece to the Canadian QB puzzle being put into place.
    Jazz is one of the better underclassmen QBs and as a non roster player going to a CFL camp gives a team another arm for practice without taking up a roster spot. Toronto may be a good fit. Hamilton will most likely bring in Will Finch and Montreal The Messiah from Sherbrooke with Als training camp in Sherbrooke again I think.

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