Some preliminary thoughts on OUA recruiting

More than two weeks ago I wrote that things are right on track with the Gryphon’s recruiting efforts, and other exciting things are happening for the future of the program. That continues to be the case, particularly with respect to recruiting. Now it’s time for this blog to get back on track as well. There are lots of things to write about but it’s sometimes hard to find the time. [I am always interested in hearing from anyone who would like to contribute something to the GF blog whether it be a one-time post or writing something more regularly.] It is amazing to me that even without posting a new article in the past two weeks this blog has had almost 2,500 “new” views and nearly 1,000 daily visitors.

Recent recruit signingsSocial media sources reveal several more big-time recruits have committed to Guelph. So I am still optimistic that next month’s official announcement will reveal another superb recruiting class. As I’ve always said, it will be a smaller group based on our needs not being as great as in previous years. That is fortunate timing for Guelph in one way. The Carleton Ravens, preparing for their comeback season, have had a bigger impact on OUA recruiting than I would have imagined. If you were a team that needed to bring in a large class in 2013 the Carleton effect would impact you more significantly than it does Guelph.

Obviously, everyone knew the Ravens were going to need a very large class but I’ve been surprised that they have been able to attract as many top-notch players as they have. Certainly part of that is money. With no players on their roster they potentially have far more scholarship money to offer recruits than a team that has a large part of their AFA money tied up. Forty-seven open dress roster spots and relatively easy admission requirements were other factors. I’m not quite sure how they convinced several elite players that they would have a chance to win anything significant during their careers. This class will set them up well but they will likely have a much tougher time recruiting in 2014.

As for other OUA recruiting classes, in my opinion, at this point McMaster is the one program that has a group of recruits that rivals Carleton. Keep in mind that only 19 Marauder commitments have been announced thus far. Western and Laurier have some good recruits but overall their classes are not at the Mac/Carleton level. Ottawa has also picked up a couple of outstanding players but the class is too small at this point to judge. With a new coach getting a late start, Carleton in their backyard and lots of other issues in the past year I doubt the GeeGees make a huge recruiting impact in 2013. I really don’t have much of a feel for how much success Queen’s is having on the recruiting trail this year.

If you have followed recruiting as long as I have [mostly NCAA] you know that the measure of a good recruiting class isn’t just the sum of the talent signed but also the success the program has meeting its particular needs. Even if Carleton’s recruiting class doesn’t end up being one of the top 2 or 3 in the OUA they will have had a successful year. The Ravens staff seem to be meeting the needs of their new program as effectively as anyone could have expected. From what I know, the committed recruits Guelph has already will go a long way to meeting several needs. There are still several names I want to see when that official announcment is made. The good news is that almost all the blue chippers I have in mind have the Gryphons at or near the top of their lists. The next month will be interesting.

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2 Responses to Some preliminary thoughts on OUA recruiting

  1. cflsteve says:

    Due too some eligibilty issues and some Family ties Ottawa got the top CEGEP RB out of Quebec and Laval and into Ontario and the Gee Gees. This looks inocent enough but in regards to top CEGEP players leaving early and taking their CEGEP credits to be the Equivalent of a H.S. graduate in Ontario to get into University at a younger age. Top lineman/LB in the CIS Frederick Plesius will be starting his pro career at 25 or 26 years old. How much time does that give him to seek NFL options. Will the NFL be interestd in a 25 year old rookie bubble player out of a CIS school?

  2. John Mac says:

    Keep underestimating Queen’s, they like it that way.

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