Ticat Update – Feb 6/13

Alumni StadiumPhoto: CP files

Alumni Stadium
Photo: CP files

From a Steve Milton story in Monday’s Hamilton Spec …

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, close to inking the final deal for games  during the Canadian Football League regular season, are still trying to  decide where they’ll go before that.

The deadline for signing the  Memorandum of Understanding between the Cats and the University of  Guelph for at least six of the Cats’ nine home games in Guelph was  extended two weeks from its original Jan. 31 date. But team president  Scott Mitchell is confident that, once the first version of the CFL  schedule is released to teams within the next couple of weeks, signing  the memorandum won’t be much more than a formality.

However, the club is still deciding  where to hold training camp in the late spring and has not yet signed a  contract for a home practice field while the Pan Am stadium is being  built on the site of the dearly departed Ivor Wynne Stadium.

“We’re waiting for the first  generation of schedule and then we’ll provide that to Guelph,” Mitchell  told The Spectator. “We can’t announce the schedule until we’ve got  everything confirmed with Guelph.

“There’s a 99.9 per cent chance those dates will work because those were the dates that Guelph provided to us and the CFL has been working with. We’ve agreed on almost everything  else in there and there’s just basically agreeing on the schedule.”

Read the full story here.

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