Gryphon Fieldhouse showcased at Team O tryouts

I dropped by the Gryphon Fieldhouse today and caught a couple of hours of the Team Ontario tryouts. I have been in the Fieldhouse a couple of other times just to have a look around. So this was my first chance to watch it used for a football function. It certainly is a nice facility. The fact that it is a building rather than an inflated dome definitely makes a difference, particularly the lighting. I heard nothing but positive comments from the parents I talked to on the sidelines. Many of them have followed their sons to numerous other facilities and were clearly impressed with our fieldhouse.

Coach Cluff working with his d-linemen in the Gryphon Fieldhouse

Coach Cluff working with his d-linemen in the Gryphon Fieldhouse

On Friday night the Gryphons conducted what I believe was their second practice of the off-season. If I’m not mistaken, CIS teams are limited to 20 out-of-season practices including spring camps. From what I’ve heard players love the new facility. It is right next door to Alumni Stadium and clearly superior to the old GryphonDome with its rock-hard turf or having to bus it to the Mardon Fieldhouse north of the city.

In the OUA, to my knowledge, UofT is the only other school that has a turf indoor practice facility. The new stadium at uOttawa was supposed to be “domed” for the winter but that hasn’t happened. It is hard to imagine that the players trying out for Team Ontario, many of them top prospects in 2014 and 2015, won’t remember which school has the best facilities. There is no one that deserves thanks for the Gryphon Fieldhouse more than Univ of Guelph students themselves. They voted in a 2009 referendum to pay student fees that provided most of the funding for the facility.

Check out the following video which begins with 40 seconds of highlights from a Jan 11 practice in the Fieldhouse. The balance of the video is some rather comical, post-event coverage of a team meal and rib-eating contest at Montana’s Cookhouse.

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2 Responses to Gryphon Fieldhouse showcased at Team O tryouts

  1. cflsteve says:

    The U of Ottawa has turned down the Ottawa dome this season for the new stadium but will be getting there own winter Bubble for Gee Gee atlhletics only. Not sure where or if the ottawa bubble will be put in place but I would think that Carleton would be open to hosting the bubble at their renovated football stadium.

  2. cflsteve says:

    I have not seem the Varsity Blues facility but I have seem footage of the Laval Indoor practice facility and this definitely rivals that of what Laval has with the location being right next to the stadium like Laval’s is to Peps. I agree will be great for recruiting and I am sure the recruits will remember when it comes time to commit.
    Also a good perk in possibly getting the Ti Cats to hold training camp at Guelph. I can not see them returning to MAC with several other options like Guelph and Laurier which also has upgraded their facility. Western is possible also, a little further from Hamilton but like the Als who train over an hour away at Bishops in Sherbrooke and BC also in Kamloops a few hours away to promote the team in other areas whether its a road trip or two for a home game, going to playoff games but more importantly watching on TV. Even if th Cats rotate training camps and donate there Videotrone from the old Ivry Wynne to Laurier, Waterloo, or Western if they do not already have one like at Guelph.

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