Video Flashback – 1992 Highlights

Good to his word, David MacNeil has posted video highlights of the 1992 Gryphon football season on youtube. [I shared his 1991 video link here.] The 1992 season was a bounce-back campaign for the Gryphons after going 2-5 in 1991. Coach Dan McNally and company went 4-3 in the regular season and finished in 4th place. Only 4 teams made the OUAA playoffs in those days.

The Yates Cup - the oldest trophy in football

The Yates Cup – the oldest trophy in football

The real fun began in the playoffs. In the semi-final the 4th-seeded Gryphons went on the road and eliminated the first-place Varsity Blues at UofT’s old Varsity Stadium. [How good was that UofT squad? Well, they bounced back to win the Vanier in 1993.]  The following week at the Skydome Guelph blasted Western Ontario 45-10 to win the Yates Cup. Guelph returned to Toronto for the third week in a row to face the Queen’s Golden Gaels in a national semi-final game. Queen’s edged Guelph 23-16 and went on to win the Vanier Cup 31-0 over St Mary’s.

The 1992 Gryphon squad included an amazing four CIAU All Canadians – LB Mike O’Shea #51, DT Shawn Hagarty #68, OT Rob Wesseling #56 and WR Dave Irwin #70. A further six players were OUAA All Stars – Rob DiGravio #22, OL Jim Stewart #61, LB Steve McKee #58, WR Kevin Reid #80, DL Rob MacRae #50 and DL Hugh Tharby #65. Speaking of honours, Mike O’Shea was the OUAA’s Defensive Player of the Year and LB Daryl Boyd #40 won the league’s Rookie of the Year award.

MacNeil has broken the highlights into 3 segments: Part 1 – Offensive highlights

Part 2 – Defensive highlights – Defensive highlights

Part 3 – Playoff games – The Road to the Dome

*     *     *

Since I wasn’t able to find a roster that included players’ numbers I’ve done my best, with assistance from others, to piece it together. If you can add to it please email me at I believe knowing who some of the players are makes watching the highlights more interesting. There are some famous Gryphon names in that line-up.

Rob Kitching  QB       #10
Wally Gabler Jr  QB/P  #11
Danny Walker K #14
Brian Robinson  DB     #20
Rob Di Gravio      #22
Reyhan Agaoglu DB  #23
Chuck Assmann DB  #26
Kyle Walters RB  #27
Alrick Daugherty RB #28
Rob Popkey RB #34
Kip Wigmore  #30
Heron Tait DB  #38
Daryl Boyd LB  #40
Harold Kroeker OL  #42
Rob McRae DL  #50
David MacNeil  OL  #53
Rob Wesseling OT  #56
Steve McKee LB  #58
Brett McCallum OC  #60
Jim Stewart OL  #61
John Leaver OL  #62
Hugh Tharby OL  #65
Shawn Hagarty DT  #66
Dave Irwin WR  #70
Kevin Reid WR  #80
Shane Dougherty WR  #88

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20 Responses to Video Flashback – 1992 Highlights

  1. orso azucar says:

    #28 RB, was Alrick Daughterty, who was the toughest Gryphon running back of all-time and possibly the toughest Gryphon of all-time, a large claim I know, but one not difficult to substantiate.

    #34 RB, was Rob Popkey, a rookie and very, very good running back who backed up Kyle Walters in 92. He had a fantastic game in the Yates cup when Kyle went down with a game ending injury and was a huge part of the yates cup win.

    #14 kicker was Danny Walker who kicked a last minute field goal to put us into OT in the play-off game against UofT. I believe he held the record for most points, all-time by a Gryphon, for many years.

  2. orso azucar says:

    Also in that video are a few catches and some excellent blocking by #75, TE, Hugh Drennen

  3. orso azucar says:

    #32 R, Bill McClay, an excellent Inside receiver who made a number of big plays in 92
    #73 TE/FB Trevor Rosine

    a few more I will figure out shortly

  4. cflsteve says:

    What a different league the CIS was back in 1992. There were no Franco schools. The AUS schools especially Saint Mary’s was recruiting nationally getting younger to HS prospects out of Ontario and also luring older Junior players from the west to come to University for another 5 years of Amateur football. Can West teams were being fed by Junior teams the same way. No scholarships in the OUA makes it all the more impressive for OUA schools

    • steve, back in 1992 Queen’s was a member of the OQIFC and not the OUA. But there was little doubt that the country’s top 2 teams – Queen’s and Guelph – met in the semi-final rather than the Vanier Cup.

      • cflsteve says:

        I realize the conference was a mix of Ontario and Montreal schools like McGill. What was the scholarship situation for the schools before they split to an all quebec conference and an all Ontario conference?

  5. orso azucar says:

    There is also a lesser known but moderately successful LB missing from that list. #51 Mike O’shea

    LB Todd Storms was on that team as well, but hurt his knee in a pre season game vs. Concordia which sidelined him for the year. It was unfortunate for a number of reasons, not the least of
    which was it would have been a lot of fun to watch Storms, Mckee and O’shea on the same field together.

  6. Gryphfan says:

    There were a lot of players from 1992 who were drafted or played on CFL teams. Off the top of my head I think the following were Mike O’Shea, Kip Wigmore, Kyle Walters, Steve McKee, Chuck Assman, Kevin Reid, Heron Tait, Rob Wessling and Dave Irwin. I’m likely missing some more.

  7. orso azucar says:

    The number of players from that team who went on to get drafted and/or play in the CFL is also very impressive.

    Kyle Walters
    Mike O’shea
    Steve Mckee
    Chuck Assman
    Heron Tait
    Dave Irwin
    Kevin Reid
    Rob Wesseling

    All those players played in the CFL, with the exception of Rob Wesseling and only because he chose not to and to persue a different career path.

    Reyhan Agaoglu went over to play NFL Europe and quite likely could have made a CFL team had he attempted to.

  8. orso azucar says:

    sorry, Gryphfan beat me to it.

  9. orso azucar says:

    Steve Burns was another really tough DB on the 92 team, but I can’t remember his number at the moment. He knocked Tim Tindale out of the first game of the year when Tindale attempted to block Steve on a Western punt, I believe.

  10. Former Gryphon says:

    Bill Vastis was #68 and Shawn Hagarty was #66

    • orso azacur says:

      Shawn Hagarty was one of the best Gryphon pass rushers of the 90’s era. Very few O-lineman could pass block him one on one. I believe Bill Vastis was a rookie that year and played quite a bit, along with fellow rookie Darryl Boyd. Both contributed a great deal to the 92 team.
      Peter Club was another linebacker who played quite a bit after Todd Storms injured his knee. I think he was also a rookie or perhaps second year, but either way, he was an excellent player.
      Rob McCrae and Hugh Tharby were the other two starting D-lineman and both very tough, skilled players. Rob was very fast for 300lb+ lineman and would surprise a lot of people chasing down plays from behind. Hugh, Rob and Shawn along with either Darryl or Bill Vastis were a very, very difficult defensive line to run against and if a running back happened to get through, he had O’shea, Mckee, and Club to contend with. They really were and amazing front 7 to have to contend with.

      • orso azacur says:

        Just to add, the defensive secondary in 92 were built like and hit like most CIAU linebacking corps in 92. Chuck Assman was truly an assassin at safety. As you see many times in the highlight video, HB Reyhan Agaoglu seperated many receivers from the ball and often parts of their uniform. Rob Digravio played much bigger than his size and CB Brian Robinson was a true shutdown CB in 92. I save my last comments for Heron Tait.

      • Who is LB # 57? Any chance that may be Peter Clubb?

  11. orso azucar says:

    Heron tait came to camp without ever having played football before. He never played highschool football and didn’t even own a pair of cleats. I can remember coach Dick Brown taking the cleats off his feet and giving them to Heron until he was able to get a pair of his own. I’m not sure the coaching staff even knew what to do with Heron. He appeared to be naturally athletic and fast, so they stuck him at DB. In his first year he simply spent time learning how to play football and nobody really thought much about him at all. By his second training camp however, it was very clear he was learning the game quickly and it was even more clear that he needed to be on the field. Not only did Heron eventually become a shut down corner, he also gained a reputation as a defender who hit just as brutally as Mckee, O’shea or Assman. It didn’t take long before it was decided we should try him at punt and kick returns. If you look through the highlight films, you can see him running over a number of opponents while returning punts. In one game vs. Waterloo Heron knocked three players out of the game on the same punt return. It looked as if a sniper was taking down waterloo players and it completely turned the game around for us. That one play simply took the will to compete out of the warriors.
    Heron Tait is one of my favourite Gryphons of all time.

  12. An example of Tait’s great coverage can be seen at the 3:30 mark of the defensive highlights. He breaks up a long UWO pass that really had no chance of being completed given his coverage.

    • orso azacur says:

      I believe you are correct that #57 is Peter Clubb. I think he may have been a rookie in 92 or perhaps 2nd year.

      • orso azacur says:

        I love watching that clip of Kyle scoring that long touchdown vs. UofT. It was during double OT and at the time, the longest game in CIAU history. That touchdown put the nail in the coffin for UofT and really gave the Gryphons momentum going into the yates cup. We all know Kyle as a great DB who had an outstanding career at the position both at Guelph and with the Cats, but as a rookie in 92 he was very special at RB. If injuries hadn’t pushed him to the defensive side of the ball, where he could deliver the hits instead of taking them, I believe he would have been an all-candian RB and added a lot of numbers to the record books.

  13. David MacNeil says:

    For clarification, David Pampe was No. 53 in 1992, and he had that number until his final year in1995.

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