Lots of links of various sorts – Boxing Day version

krown graphicA couple of times this past season I included links to youtube videos of Krown Canadian University Countdown, a weekly 30-minute show covering CIS football. The picture above featuring QB Jazz Lindsey is one of their TV graphics. You will find this and 8 or 10 other graphics on their facebook page. And you will find four minutes of highlights from “one of the greatest OUA playoff games in history” begining at 3:30 mark of Episode Nine. These highlights are definitely worth rewatching.

No turning back for Ticats

The demolition of Ivor Wynne Stadium has begun. There is a short clip below but the best video of the demolition is here. Completion date for the new stadium is July 2014. As a Ticat fan I don’t want to jinx the project but that is an awfully tight construction timeframe for a project of this size. No doubt it will be ready for the 2015 Pan-Am Games but I wouldn’t be surprised if we also see the Tiger-Cats looking to play a few 2014 games outside of Hamilton. Guelph could benefit from that.

Some older links

♦ Guelph Mercury editors write – Details of Ticats deal allay concerns [Dec 6]

Seeing the details spelled out in this draft agreement should go a long way to addressing concerns about what U of G might be committed to in this arrangement. What’s on the table with the deal offers the school many financial protections and several opportunities.

Interesting time for tourism hand-off [Dec 21]

But this year should also see thousands of visitors — including a significant amount of overnighters — arriving up to nine times or even more to take in pro football at Alumni Stadium. This will include a huge contingent of new visitors — the bulk of them decent spenders, looking to have a great Guelph experience.

What’s more, the Guelph CFL play will also see the city and the University of Guelph showcased through commercials on ‘”home” telecasts of the Ticats’ games this year. The value of this part of the Ticats’ deal with U of G is pegged at in excess of $250,000 — or way, way, bigger than some Terry Bradshaw passes for the city from earlier this year.

All that pending promotion and all that pending traffic should prove a tourism win for Guelph for this year and years to come — if it’s handled well.

Justin Dunk writes about the coaching change in Hamilton for cfl.ca. George Cortez was fired after the season and Kent Austin quickly hired to replace him.

♦ The Scratching Post blog suggests that Austin’s hiring should win back some fans. Also, Guelph Hall-of-Famer Mike O’Shea is mentioned as an up-and-coming coaching prospect who may be a candidate for the Ticats DC position. He coached with Austin during his stint in Toronto.

Rob Maver‘s contract extension is not new news but this story from stampeders.com provides more details, background info and nice pics.

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