Ticats release Guelph stadium details

From the Hamilton Spectator:

Alumni StadiumPhoto: CP files

University of Guelph’s Alumni Stadium
Photo: CP file photo

The deal between the University of Guelph and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will see the CFL team contribute $500,000 to the university while absorbing all the costs related to staging as many as 10 games at Alumni Stadium next season.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the university and the team was released publicly Wednesday. It sets out a framework for a deal that must be completed by Jan. 31, 2013.

Among the details:

The Ticats are responsible for all costs associated with playing games at Guelph and agree to play a minimum of one pre-season and six regular-season games at the university, with the option to play all nine regular-season games there.

The Ticats will provide a gift of $450,000 toward the new athletic and recreation centre, to be recognized with an appropriate naming opportunity, as well as $50,000 to help cover additional costs.

The Gryphon logo will remain at centre field during games and the university will get two TV spots during each Ticat broadcast.

The Ticats get all revenue from parking, concessions and sponsorship.

The university will provide 1,570 parking spots and the Ticats will look to rent more spots nearby.

Two University of Guelph students will get internships with the Ticats for the next five summers.

The Ticats have the option of staging the 2013 Vanier Cup at the University of Guelph, at their expense. (The rights to the game are held by MRX, another company controlled by Ticats owner Bob Young.)

The Scratching Post blog: Details of Ticats deal with University of Guelph released

Read the full Memorandum of Understanding.

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4 Responses to Ticats release Guelph stadium details

  1. Ezekiah Stewart says:

    how do you fit 35,000 vanier cup fans at Guelph ?

    • No on campus stadiuim in Canada holds 35,000. McGill would be the closest with 20-something. Playing the Vanier at Alumni would be the equivalent of Laval hosting it at PEPS.

  2. cflsteve says:

    For this year without the Vanier Pairing with the Grey Cup and the late announcement Guelph with the Ti Cat and MRX deal and Laval would be the only two that could do it and do it right. As for 35,000 there were probably some Grey Cup people there but I would bet that an overflow crowd of the 15,000 or so at Guelph or Peps could create some standing room only tickets, especially if Laval is in it at Laval and if Laval is in it at Guelph vs an OUA team, of up to 18,000 or so

  3. cflsteve says:

    With The Hamilton Ti Cats committing to one pre season game at Guelph, 6 regular season games, the Labor Day game most likely at Rogers, home team for TS Atlantic at Moncton vs the Riders that is 9 games leaving me to believe that there may be interest in playing the 10th game at another site.
    Some specualting two at Moncton but that is a big distance from Hamilton so although they will most likely play the one game at Guelph fans still have the ability to go to an away game at Rogers center giving them a 10th game that will be as close as possible.
    One option could be another Home game at Rogers vs the Argos. I beleive that the schedule this year will have Toronto and Hamilton playing three games and the four game series will be with either Montreal or Winnipeg.
    If it is the Argos that host two home games vs the cats that gives Hamilton fans two away game at Rogers in which they can attend still giving them ten games as close as possible for fans from Hamiton to attend.
    One possibility then would be to have Winnipeg have an 11th game on their schedule at the new stadium with Hamilton being considered the home team for one of them and taking in all the Game revenue as the home team. I am sure the Bombers would not mind that if it gives them an extra game at their home stadium even if they are considered the visiting team.
    One other option would be for the first CFL regular season game in London at TD Waterhouse. Like Moncton TD waterhouse already has the temp seating stored with a plan in place to expand from 8 to 16 thousand with minimal cost as the temp seats are already available.
    Very Curious to see when the schedule comes out in FEB it should be interesting

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