2013 OUA schedule released

ouaThe OUA has released the league’s 2013 football schedule. The most noticeable differences are that it is a 9-week schedule and begins prior to the usual Labour Day opener. Those are changes made to accomodate the addition of the Carleton University Ravens, making the OUA an 11-team football loop. I’ve distilled out the Guelph schedule below but you can view the complete 44-game schedule at oua.ca.

Week 1   Sunday, Aug 25    Laurier @ Guelph
Week 2   Monday, Sept 2    Windsor @ Guelph
Week 3   Saturday, Sept 7   Bye week
Week 4   Saturday, Sept 14  Guelph @ Toronto
Week 5   Saturday, Sept 21  McMaster @ Guelph – Homecoming Game
Week 6   Saturday, Sept 28  Guelph @ Waterloo
Week 7   Saturday, Oct 5       York @ Guelph
Week 8   Friday, Oct 11         Guelph @ Carleton
Week 9   Saturday, Oct 19    Guelph @ Queen’s

I have to admit that I’m not too happy with what I see. Or really, with what I don’t see – no Mustangs and no GeeGees. After a 7-1 season my perspective has changed. I look at this sched and wonder if anyone other than McMaster (week 5) and Queen’s (week 9) can challenge the Gryphons. It would seem that Western Ontario is projected by most to be the #1 team heading into the 2013 OUA campaign. Avoiding playing them is not a good thing from my perspective. How many other teams will truly be able to challenge the Gryphons in 2013? Windsor maybe. But Laurier is rebuilding regardless of who they hire to replace Gary Jeffries. Toronto and York would seem a stretch. Carleton? No chance.

In seasons past avoiding Western (and Ottawa) may have been a blessing as the Gryphons hoped to find the four wins necessary to make the playoffs. Now I consider it a negative as I think there is no question about Guelph qualifying for the playoffs. The regular season now is more about preparation for the playoffs. I would prefer to see the toughest schedule possible. Unfortunately, the early start to the season may even hinder the Gryphons from finding an out-of-conference opponent to provide a challenging preseason game.

By the way, lining up McMaster for the Homecoming Game is wonderful. Regardless of your team affiliation it has to be considered one of the top two OUA contests of 2013. [Western at Mac in Week 3 being the other.] Absolutely no doubt that Mac @ Guelph on Sept 21 is the one game that TheScore would choose to broadcast if they could broadcast no other game of the entire 2013 schedule.  It is a Yates Cup rematch. On our turf this time. In front of 10,000 Gryphon fans. Mark that date on your calendar and buy your tickets early!!


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7 Responses to 2013 OUA schedule released

  1. gryphfan says:

    I’m surprised that Guelph isn’t playing Ottawa in 2013 as they didn’t play them in 2012. On the Drew Edward’s scratching post blog he posted the letter of understanding between the Tiger Cats & U of G. Some nice things for Guelph: the possibility of hosting the Vanier Cup, a big donation to the university, 2 internships for 5 years, etc

  2. cflsteve says:

    As the Vanier Cup seems to have outgrown CIS campus stadiums the agreement to host the Ti Cats whose Owner also owns the co. who is in charge of the VAnier Cup gives Guelph the inside track on perhaps the last campus stadium to be able to do so. Although 15,000 seats may be a little small for a Vanier Cup it sets up a good future for Vanier cup games with the supply and demand. Guelph being just outside of Toronto gives it easy access for fans traveling from anywhere whether by car, train, or plane.
    This will give an edge to top recruits that may have the ability to play as freshman.

  3. cflsteve says:

    Be careful of York this season. Much like Guelph they are a program on the rise. They will also have a first class modern facility in place on campus via the Pan AM games in 2015 that should really give a boost to recruiting. Also QB Myles Gibbon flew under the radar this year. After spending three seasons at U of S. Alabama helping them to start a NCAA DI program he was their first starting QB. He will be returning next year for his 5th season of eligibility.

    • Guelph faced Gibbon in October. York was competitive in that game until the Gryphons knocked Gibbon out of the game. York will seriously miss RB/DE Kyle Exume. I doubt they can replace him which should make defending Gibbon easier.

      • cflsteve says:

        Guelph will see York late in the season so they should be able to see what they are at that point in the season. The Gryphs need to make sure they dont take York lightly the way some teams took the Gryphs and found out they were for real. With all OUA teams on equal grounds with the same number of scholarships and major sponsors: Nike, addidas, Russel, and Under Armour taking on all the costs of equipment and uniforms for the Universities in the OUA supplying; York is recruiting classes based on them have a brand new athletic facility by the 2015 season via the 5,000 seat track and field/multipurpose facility being built on campus via the Pan Am games.
        As for Myles Gibbon he will most liklely spend the summer in a CFL camp as a QB eligible to play in the CFL in 2013. Although unlikely to happen the team that signs him will be serious about him being part of their future as a QB sowho knows how good he will be when they send him back for his 2nd and final season of University play in York. While all eyes where on Kyle Quinlan last year Gibbon slid under the Radar. look for him and york to grab some headlines as everyone will be focused on the likes of Wil Finch and Austin Kennedy in his 4th season.

  4. football 101 says:


    Be carfeul predicting that no one can “challenge the Gryphons”, but for two games. Use Windsor as an example from this year. They were expected by many pundits to be be a legitimate contender to get to the Yates (not win, but arrive). Yet they only beat Ottawa (early in the wierd season), Toronto and York. They even lost to Waterloo.

    Gryphons need to be careful of the “sophomore let down”, in their new incarnation.

  5. Fb 101, I never thought Windsor would compete for more than 4th or 5th place in 2012. In my opinion while they have some great players, Austin Kennedy for example, they didn’t have the depth of talent on their roster that the Gryphons have. Particularly, along the line of scrimmage. Guelph will be able to compete with the top tier teams up front.

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